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    Welcome to Oklahoma. Welcome to the Heartland of the USA. Welcome to a state of four seasons, agriculture and animals, city living, and rural charm. Welcome to the plains, to the Midwest and to a place where you'll feel at home the minute you arrive. You're going to love living in Oklahoma.

    Of course, any time you move to a new place, you'll need to establish yourself. Unpack boxes, put the dishes in the cupboards, the furniture in the living room, hang the flag in the little bracket outside the front door―you know, settle in.

    Soon, you'll need to establish your residency in a more "official" way. Driver's license, ID cards, and automobile registrations are just a few of the things you'll need to take care of once you get that last empty box out the door.

    Oklahoma Driver's License and ID

    Visit our page on Driver's Licenses and IDs for information on everything you'll need to do and know in order to have an Oklahoma driver's license issued to you. We'll tell you how to find your nearest motor vehicle office, just to make things a bit easier.

    Motor Vehicle Registration

    In these days of multiple-car families, registration isn't as simple as it used to be. Start you registration process with a visit to our Registration and Titling page for all the information you'll need to get your vehicle registered. We also have a page dedicated to helping you register your motorcycle.

    Boats and Motors

    Do you have a boat and outboard motor? Are you in for a treat! Oklahoma is a fisherman's paradise with loads of lake full of fish just waiting to see what you have to offer as an angler.

    You can find everything you'll need to get your boat and motor registered in time for the fishing season by visiting this page on Boat and Outboard Motor Registration.

    Military Personnel

    Are you active duty military stationed in Oklahoma? If so, we salute you! Find out how to take advantage of special rates for military personnel in our Drivers in the Military section.

    Teen Drivers

    Do you have teenagers in your family? In Oklahoma, teens may drive at the age of 16 years old with certain restrictions. They must be registered in school, have taken and passed driver's training and education courses, and have passed the state exams.

    You can find out more on our Teen Drivers pages.

    Specialized and Personalized License Plates

    Oklahoma has many different Specialized and Personalized license plates available. makes it possible for you to see sample graphics and colors, too.

    Register to Vote

    Something else you'll certainly want to do is get registered to vote. In Oklahoma, you may register by mail. How cool is that?

    Buying and Selling Vehicles

    When it comes to buying and selling vehicles, we've provided you with everything you need to know from Dealers and the Auto Industry to the Lemon Law and car insurance requirements in Oklahoma.

    Fun Oklahoma Facts

    Oklahoma became the 46th State on November 16, 1907. Oklahoma is known as the "sooner" state because when the territory was opened up to settlers in 1889, thousands of people lined up on the borders and raced into the territory in order to grab their homestead plots.

    Of course, a few enterprising souls took advantage of the scarcity of witnesses inside the territory and made their homestead grabs just a little "sooner" that the other folks.

    Higher Education

    Oklahoma is home to Oklahoma State University, Northeaster State University, the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa University, and many other centers for higher education.

    College sports are almost a religion in Oklahoma. When OU Sooners plays football, Oklahoma watches. During the football season, clothing in red and white is always appropriate.


    Even though you'll see oil wells and refiners scattered across the plains of Oklahoma, the state's economy is still centered on agriculture including that "waving wheat" that sure smells sweet (according to the song, anyway), cattle, milk poultry. and cotton.

    Major industries include transportation equipment, machinery, electric products, rubber and plastic products, and food processing.

    State Flag and Symbols

    There are many symbols attached to Oklahoma, and with its long history as the home of many Native American tribes it's not surprising.

    The Oklahoma flag honors tribes and groups of Native Americans. The blue field was inspired by a battle flag carried by the Choctaw soldiers during the civil war. An Osage Indian buffalo hide shield is paced in the center of the Oklahoma flag, decorated by the sacred eagle feathers and two symbols of peace: the calumet (peace pipe) and an olive branch. The crosses on the shield are a Native American symbol for stars, representing high ideals.

    State Flower

    The state flower is the mistletoe, which is seen in the boughs of trees in winter with its white berries visible against the dark braches of the trees. Mistletoe has a long history as a sacred plant and was adopted as the state plant in 1893. It is particularly abundant in the southern section of the state.

    Major Cities

    Major cities in Oklahoma include Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Lawton, Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, and Midwest City, which is located adjacent to Oklahoma City.


    To look at Oklahoma you would immediately assume that making a topographical map would be mo problem. However, it's not all flat!

    There are hills and small mountains in the eastern part of the state and a few areas of rising ground in the southern section. There are high plains in the west, and the east central region there is the Arkansas River Basin. In the South, you'll find the Red River Plains.

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