Motorcycle Registration in Oklahoma

If you own a motorcycle in Oklahoma, you will need to register it in order to drive it on or off the road. All vehicles must be registered unless the vehicle is in junk or salvaged status. Even if you own a vehicle that is not is use, it must be registered.

New Motorcycle

The registration process for motorcycles is basically the same as that for regular four-wheeled vehicles―meaning, it's handled by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC), but you can take care of it with your local tag agent. Registration must be handled in person.


Motorcycle registration renewals are normally done through mail. Simply mail the following items to the Oklahoma Tax Commission or to any local tag agent.

  • Motorcycle renewal notice postcard.
  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • Check or money order for the applicable fees made payable to the OTC. Be sure to write your driver's license number on the check.

Renewal Fees

Motorcycle registration fees are based on the age of the vehicle, and your fee will be noted on your renewal notification post card.

Here is a listing of the fees by the years of registration:

  • 1st through 4th year: $99
  • 5th through 8th year: $89
  • 9th through 12th year: $69
  • 13th through 16th year: $49
  • 17th year and over: $29

Additional Charges

Renewal fees are shown on your renewal postcard. You must also add the following charges in addition to your renewal fee:

  • Registration decal only mailing fee: $1.50
  • License plate mailing fee: $3
  • Liability Insurance Verification: $1.50

Mail to:

  • Oklahoma Tax Commission
  • P.O. Box 26940
  • Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Personalized Plates

You can get personalized license plates for your motorcycle in Oklahoma. Just download a copy of the Motorcycle Personalized License Plate Application using the free Adobe Reader. Fill it out and take it, along with the $23 fee for the personalized plate plus any additional registration fees, to your local tag agent.

For more information about personalized and specialized license plates for Oklahoma drivers, check out's License Plates and Placards section.

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