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    The Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's Manual, available online using the free Adobe Reader, is the place to find everything you need to know about operating a motorcycle on the streets, highways, and byways of Oklahoma―whether you're a new motorcycle rider or have been riding for years.

    So much more than a dull rule and law book, the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's Manual covers safe riding, protective gear, bike safety, how to carry passengers, and many other great topics. It's a great way to learn how to ride safely and obey the law while you enjoy all the fun and benefits of a driving a motorcycle.

    Protective Gear Tips

    Helmets are not required by law in Oklahoma as they are in other states, but it is an excellent idea to wear one at all times while operating a motorcycle. In the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's manual, you'll find tips on how to choose the right helmet for you.

    You'll also learn how to choose the right jackets, pants, boots or shoes, and gloves to make driving a motorcycle safe and enjoyable.

    Know Your Ride

    In the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's Manual you'll also find information on basic vehicle control, ways to increase your conspicuity so that other drivers can easily see you. You'll find out how to avoid collisions, what to do in the event of engine failure, how to skid, how to avoid animals in the road, and more.

    Special Safety Concerns

    There are some excellent tips on how to navigate one of the biggest dangers to a motorcyclist―the intersection. Statistics show that more motorcycles are involved in accidents at intersections than anywhere else on the road. Learn how you can avoid this and pass through each intersection easily and safely.

    Motorcycle Fun

    What good is a motorcycle if you can't have some fun occasionally? The Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's Manual understands this and has prepared special sections on carrying passengers and enjoying the road with a group of motorcyclists.

    You can also pick up tips for the Motorcycle Operator's Knowledge Test and get the low-down on the On-Road test, too.

    Download a copy of the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator's Manual today and before you know it you'll be out on the road, enjoying the wind in your hair.

    Compare Motorcycle Insurance Rates in 3 Steps

    1. Enter Your Zip: