License Plates & Placards in Oklahoma

SUMMARY: Oklahoma License Plates

You can apply for license plates in Oklahoma by registering your vehicle at an OK tag agency. You'll need to renew your plates by renewing your vehicle registration. If you get another vehicle, you can transfer your OK tags to it when you register the new car. Oklahoma requires vehicles to display valid tags, so if your tags are lost, stolen, or damaged, you must replace license plates and decals.

Read below for helpful information about Oklahoma license plates and tags.

NOTE: Applying for disability parking? Our Disabled Plates and Placards page has details about license plate eligibility and tag applications.

Types of Oklahoma License Plates

All vehicles owned by OK residents and businesses must have license plates issued by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

Your license plate must be:

  • Securely attached to the back of your vehicle.
  • Visible and unobstructed.

Oklahoma license plates have a month decal to let law enforcement know when your vehicle tags expire. When you renew your license plate, you'll get a new decal.

The OTC issues several types of special license plates, such as personalized plates, organizational plates, and military honor plates.

The OTC is also responsible for issuing disabled parking plates. Our Disability Plates page has complete details, including how to apply and what they can be used for.

Temporary License Plates

When you buy a vehicle from a dealer, you'll usually receive a temporary license plate to use while you are waiting for your OK license plate to arrive.

Apply for Vehicle Tags

To apply for Oklahoma license plates, you'll need to register your vehicle at your local Oklahoma tag agency.

You're required to register your vehicle no more than:

  • 30 days after moving to Oklahoma.
  • 30 days after buying a vehicle.

Get more information, including registration fees and requirements, on our OK Vehicle Registration page.

Renew Your OK License Plates

You need to renew your Oklahoma plates before the decal expires by renewing your vehicle registration.

You should receive a renewal notice by mail, but you can also sign up for e-mail reminders on the OTC website.

See our Registration Renewal page for complete details.

Replace Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Tags

If your Oklahoma tags or decals are damaged, stolen, or lost, you should replace them as soon as possible.

Filing a police report can help prevent fraudulent use of lost or stolen tags, but it is not required.

To replace license plate and decals, you will need:

You will also pay a $1.50 insurance verification fee whether you request your replacements by mail or in person.

Submit the above in person at your local Oklahoma tag agency or by mail to the address on the form.

Transfer & Surrender Tags

In Oklahoma, you can transfer a license plate from your vehicle to another one that you own.

NOTE: If you transfer the tags from a vehicle you're keeping, you have 30 days from the date of transfer to replace the tags on the first vehicle.

If the license plate is valid, you'll transfer it when you register the new vehicle. If it is expired, you'll need to renew the registration in order to transfer the tags.

You must surrender license plates when you:

  • Change the registration type.
  • Transfer tags to a vehicle that already has an OK license plate.

Plates can be surrendered to your local OTC tag agent.

Fees for Oklahoma License Plates

The fees for new license plates and renewals do not reflect taxes, title fees, or service fees that may apply.

  • New standard license plate and renewal fees (based on years of registration):
    • 1st through 4th year: $91.
    • 5th through 8th year: $81.
    • 9th through 12th year: $61.
    • 13th through 16th year: $41.
    • 17th year and over: $21.
  • Replacement fees:
    • License plate and decal: $9 (by mail, add a $3 mail fee)
    • Decal only: $9 (by mail, add a $1.50 mail fee.)
    • Insurance verification fee$1.50

Special License Plates

Personalized Plates

A personalized plate is created by the person registering the vehicle. With a personalized plate, you are allowed to choose the letters or numbers that will be displayed on your license plate. You cannot duplicate an existing plate, but you may make up your own combination of letters.

You may choose from a variety of background colors for your personalized plate. You are not obligated to have both a personalized and a specialty plate; you may have a personalized plate only. See Oklahoma Specialty License Plates for sample colors.


The fee for a personalized plate in Oklahoma is $22 for a new personalized plate and $21.50 for renewal.

Specialty License Plates

A specialized license plate is a license plate that carries, in addition to the unique set of letter/number combination, an additional insignia, logo, or identifying mark from a group, service club, organization, or branch of the military or law enforcement.

There are over 100 specialty plates available in Oklahoma, here are just a few:

  • Antique and Classic Car
  • Fight Breast Cancer
  • Humane Society
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Heart of the Heartland
  • Environmental Awareness
  • 4-H Club
  • Balloonists
  • Oklahoma History
  • National Rifle Association
  • U.S. Olympics
  • Boy or Girl Scouts
  • Colleges and Universities in Oklahoma

Antique Plates

To qualify for antique or classic plates, a vehicle must be at least 25 years old and used primarily for antique exhibitions, parades, and related activities.

Only the title holder may apply for the plates. To apply, complete a notarized Application for a Classic Vehicle License Plate (Form 763), and take it along with the title and registration to your local tag agent.

Or, mail the application, along with copies of the title and registration, to the address on the form.

If your vehicle is required to have insurance, bring its proof of insurance to the tag office, or mail a copy of it along with your other paperwork.

Registrations cost $18.50 for registrations lasting 1 year, or $85.50 for a registration lasting 10 years. Payment is due at the time of the application. If you're mailing the application, add $3 to cover mailing costs.


The fees for specialized license plates vary. In some cases, a portion of the fee will go to the group featured on the specialized plates.

You can view the full list of specialized plates and the applicable fees Specialty Plates Form Index and you may download a copy of the form Oklahoma Specialized License Plate Request.(Form 708-E)

Hearing Impaired

If you are hearing impaired and would like to have a specialized license plate stating that you are, just let your tag agent know when you register a new vehicle or pay your annual renewal fees.

There is no charge for a hearing impaired specialized license plate.

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