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  • Identification Cards in Oklahoma

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    Why an Oklahoma ID Card?

    Are you a non-driving senior, minor, or have a disability that prevents you from driving? Or are you a person who just chooses not to drive? If so, an Oklahoma ID card may be just what you need for a primary source of identification.

    An Oklahoma ID card is an excellent form of identification for people who do not drive an automobile or motorcycle. As a form of identification, an Oklahoma ID Card serves the same purpose as an Oklahoma driver license and can be used in place of a driver's license for everything except the operation of a motor vehicle.

    Age Limits

    Any non-driving person may hold an Oklahoma ID card and you may apply for one any time. ID cards are routinely issued to children as well as adults. There is no minimum or maximum age for an ID card in the state of Oklahoma.

    For applicants under the age of 18 years old, a custodial parent or guardian must be present when you apply.

    How to Apply for an Oklahoma ID Card

    In order to apply for an Oklahoma ID card, you will need to appear in person at your local Driver License Exam Station or your local Tag Agent.

    The fee for an Oklahoma ID card is $20. If your ID card is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, a replacement card is $20.

    Required Documents

    When applying for an Oklahoma ID card, you will be asked a primary form of identification. These include:

    • State-issued certified birth certificate.
    • U.S. passport.
    • Certificate of Naturalization.
    • Oklahoma driver's license or ID card issued on or after November 1, 2007.

    You will also need a secondary form of identification. These include:

    • Social Security card.
    • Certified copy of marriage license, separation, or divorce judgment.
    • Original high school, college, or university diploma.
    • Oklahoma gun permit.
    • Insurance ID such as health, life, home, or auto.
    • Oklahoma voter registration card.
    • Pilot's license.
    • Deed to a property in Oklahoma.
    • Military ID card.
    • Tribal photo ID card.
    • Out-of-state driver's license.

    The OK Department of Public Safety provides a full list of accepted documents.

    How to Renew Your OK ID Card

    You must appear in person at your local Tag Agent or Driver's License Exam Site. Be sure you have proof of ID (see above) you when you go to renew your Oklahoma ID card, as it is now required. Note that you will not need to bring secondary form of ID. If your ID is currently unexpired, you can present a finger image comparison (if you have an image on file with the DPS) in lieu of presenting a primary form of ID.

    The fee for an ID card renewal is $20.

    Replacing an Oklahoma Identification Card

    Visit any Driver's License Exam Site with proper primary and secondary identification (see above) and cash or check to pay a $20 duplicate fee.