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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Oklahoma

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    Are you a disabled driver? If so, the state of Oklahoma has made it easy for you to apply for a handicapped parking placard.


    Before you apply for a handicapped parking placard, you'll need to download the Physical Disability Parking Placard Application (Form DPS 302DC) (you can view and print this using the free Adobe Reader software) and read the list of disabilities that qualify people for the placards.

    Application Process

    Thoroughly read through the application so that you understand what needs to be completed. It is all too easy for your busy doctor to overlook a small detail on the form, which could cause a delay or denial of your handicapped placard. Then:

    • Fill out the top (applicant) section of the application.
    • Have your medical doctor, surgeon, osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, or optometrist (depending on your disabling condition) fill out the bottom half of the application.
    • Mail the application (placards are free) to:
      • Department of Public Safety
      • Driver Compliance Division - Physical Disability
      • P.O. Box 11415
      • Oklahoma City, OK 73136

    Traveling With a Placard

    Oklahoma expects its handicapped parking placards to be recognized in any state you should travel to; however, the DPS recommends carrying a copy of your application with your doctor's signature whenever you leave the state, in case you are asked to provide evidence of your disability.

    For further information, you can also check our Drivers with Disabilities section for the state you plan to visit.

    Disabled Parking License Plate

    You may request a specialized license plate indicating that you are qualified to park in the marked handicapped parking spots.

    If you wish to apply for a disabled parking plate, you must do so at the same time as your application for a placard. Note that the placard must be a permanent one for you to qualify for the plate.

    A disabled plate is a good idea if you always drive or are driven in the same vehicle. A placard is a better bet if you use or are driven in different vehicles from time to time. A disabled license plate cannot be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, whereas a placard can easily be carried in a purse or pocket and used in any vehicle.

    If you prefer a license plate you can obtain a copy of the Physically Disabled License Plate Application (Form 750-C) online. There will be a $3 fee if you mail in the application.

    Driver's License Restrictions

    Oklahoma places restrictions on driver's licenses if the driver has certain disabling or potentially disabling conditions. These restrictions, listed as numbers on the front of the driver's license, help ensure the safety of the disabled driver and other drivers on the road. Here is a breakdown of what the numbers mean:

    • 1―Corrective lenses: for people who require glasses or other corrective lenses in order to meet the vision requirements set forth by law.
    • 2―Left outside rear vision mirror: for those with limited hearing or limited vision in the left eye.
    • 3―Works with restriction codes 1 and 2.
    • 4―Automatic transmission: for those whose physical condition requires them to drive with an automatic transmission in order to safely operate the vehicle.
    • 5―Turn indicators and power steering or steering knob: for those with limited use of either hand.
    • 6―Food, fruit, or candy within reach of the driver: for people with insulin-dependent diabetes.
    • 7―Adequate artificial limbs.
    • 8―Detailed restriction on license: refers to any special restriction or condition that applies.

    If you have a restriction code on your Oklahoma driver's license, take care to remain in compliance with the restrictions. If you are involved in an accident and it is discovered that you were not in compliance with your medical restriction at the time, you could lose your driver's license and void your automobile insurance.

    So before you head out, be sure you've got everything you need―fruit, glasses, prosthetics, or whatever else you may require to stay in compliance with your medical restrictions.

    License Renewal

    Complete and submit a Physically Disabled License Plate Application (Form 750-C) along with proper payment. Follow instructions on the application.

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