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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Oklahoma

    Custom cars, motorcycles, kit cars, and replica cars are warmly welcomed in Oklahoma. The Registration Office of the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) in Oklahoma City is happy to assist you with the registration of your custom, kit, or refurbished motor vehicle.

    Custom Vehicles

    If you build or are building a custom car, truck, or motorcycle, remember―paperwork and records will be your best friend when it comes time to register your custom vehicle. Make sure that you have a notarized copy of the Bill of Sale for the engine, and the Manufacturers Statement of Origin, if applicable.

    Keep a file for all of the paperwork associated with the custom vehicle, including the following:

    • List of all components used in the building of the vehicle.
    • The Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO).
    • Receipts related to your custom vehicle.
    • Note and file the VIN number on the chassis (if there is one) and any identifying numbers on the engine.

    Paperwork Tips

    Keep all the paperwork associated with your custom vehicle or kit car someplace other than the shop or garage used for automotive repair and assembly. This will help cut down on lost, destroyed, or misplaced paperwork and receipts.

    Keep a large zip-top type plastic bag (one-gallon size or larger) handy. Label it using an indelible marker with the project name and other identifying information, such as engine, body type, etc. Place all receipts, packing slips, component lists, and statements of origin or any other pertinent information in this bag. Remove it from the work area as soon as possible and file it in a safe place.

    If you need to reference this paperwork while you are in the building process, make copies of all original papers and use the copies for reference. This way, you will have all of your original documentation in good shape and in one place when you are ready to register the vehicle with the OTC.

    Registering Your Custom Vehicle

    The registration of a custom or kit motor vehicle is much the same as it is for a standard motor vehicle. You may submit your forms and paperwork to your local tag agent, who will then submit all forms, paperwork, and fees to the main office of the OTC.

    You will also need a notarized Affidavit of Assembly and Ownership (Form 4761), available from the tag agent in your county, along with a clear photograph of the vehicle. Don't send a photo that you want back; the image will be used for identification purposes and will be maintained in the vehicle's registration file at the OTC.

    Vehicle Identification

    Your vehicle registration number will be based on the vehicle identification number (VIN) located on the body of the vehicle (body VIN). If the vehicle has a custom body without a body VIN, a VIN will be issued by the OTC. This number must then be die stamped onto the door plate on the vehicle.


    The fees for registration of a kit or custom motor vehicle are the same as regular motor vehicle registration fees. For more information on registration and fees, see our page on Car Registration.

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