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  • Car Registration in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle Registration Renewal

    Looking to renew an existing registration? See Registration Renewals.

    First-Time Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

    If you have:

    • Bought or received a car
    • Moved here from another state

    You must get your car registered. If you're a new resident, you must register 30 days after you become an official resident. After that, you must pay a late fee.

    If you've just acquired a car, you must register it within 30 days. Otherwise, you'll be subject to penalty fees.

    Get Insurance

    At registration, you must show your proof of insurance. If you need to get insurance and would like to compare rates online, see our Insurance Center.

    Prepare the Paperwork

    Probably the most important piece of paperwork to have at hand is the title, which the previous owner should have signed over to you. If this is lost, get a replacement.

    You must handle the registration and paperwork yourself, even if you bought your car from a dealer.

    Before you go to your local tag agency, have the following ready:

    1. An application for a title application that must be signed in front of the notary at the tag agency.
    2. Three forms of identification.
    3. The old title, transferred to you. If this is lost, you must get a new one.
    4. A Bill of Sale or Declaration of Purchase Price.(Form Form 722-1)
    5. Proof of insurance.

    You don't have to present proof that your vehicle passed an emissions check; such inspections aren't requirements.

    If you're still in the shopping stages, get a Vehicle History Report for the car you're considering. The report tells you whether the car's got a clean title and other information.

    Calculate the Fees

    Fees are based on how long you've had the car. The first year of vehicle registration costs the most. Keep in mind you must pay excise tax when you transfer the title.

    Go to the DMV

    Next, you'll need to make a trip to your local tag agency. Take all your documentation and fees with you, along with three forms of identification.


    You may also order tags while you're there. You can order specialty and personalized tags online. Specialized tags are available in many varieties. There are adoption tags, veterans' tags, and tags for all the major universities in the state. Order a vanity tag if you want a special saying on your car.

    Personalized tags take about 4 months to arrive.

    Affix Your Decals

    When your tags arrive, affix your decals to them according to the directions.

    Get a Tax Deduction

    The IRS lets you deduct the portion of your registration fees that are based on the car's value, so you will not be able to do this with a car registered in Oklahoma.

    Safely Get on Your Way

    Now that your car is legal, you can get out on the road. But before you do, consider safeguarding your most valuable possession: your family.

    In the event of a breakdown, do you have roadside assistance to come help you? If you don't, you should consider purchasing a program for peace of mind. Putting together an auto emergency kit that contains everything from bandages to flares is also wise in case of trouble.

    Before your car is even close to breaking down, you should also find a mechanic that you like. Trying to find a good one while your car is being towed just isn't going to work. And paying for an after-market warranty can actually save you money if a big system breaks.

    Also be sure to look at a couple of auto accessories. If you have young children, make sure their child safety seats are current and fit your new car; not every model of seat fits into every car well. A bluetooth headset is important if you're going to be driving and talking with a cell phone. Nowadays, most models are affordable and work well.

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