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  • Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Oklahoma

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    1) Choose Your License

    Whether you have just moved to the Sooner State or you are a teenager eager to start driving, you'll need a driver's license in order to drive a vehicle in Oklahoma. License classes include:

    If you're a new teen driver please visit our section on applying for a new license for teens.

    2) Take a Driver's Education Course

    You won't have to complete a driver education course, however, it makes good common sense to take Driver's Ed. The courses will teach you about new driving laws, and show you good driving techniques.

    3) Prepare for the Test

    To get ready to take the written test, study the Oklahoma Driver's Manual, and then score yourself by taking a few practice tests.

    4) Locate a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office

    You'll be taking your written test at a driver exam station. No appointment is necessary, but you will need an appointment when it comes time to take your road test. You can make the appointment by calling or stopping by the exam office.

    5) Make Test-Day Preparations

    On the day of the test, be ready to:

    • Provide one primary and one secondary approved document proving your name, age, and residency.
    • Take a vision test.
    • Pass the written test.

    6) Take the Written Test

    After studying the the driver's manual, taking some practice tests, enrolling in or completing a driver education class (if required), and gathering the necessary paperwork, you're ready to go to the driver exam office.

    7) Get a Car

    You'll need to provide a car that's safe and legally registered to drive when you go for your driving test. If you're looking for a safe, used vehicle, it makes good sense to order a vehicle history report before making your purchase.

    8) Get Car Insurance

    If you drive a vehicle, you need to carry auto liability insurance. If you're interested in learning more about insurance rates, visit our Insurance Center.

    9) Take the Driving Test

    If you've recently moved to the Sooner State and are currently licensed, you usually can exchange your license for an Oklahoma license without taking the road or written tests, as long as your former state carries similar driving training and education requirements. Contact your local exam office for details. You are required to take the vision test.

    When You Pass

    If you're successful with the road test, take the acceptance slip from the examiner and go to a tag agency, where you'll pay the $21.50 fee to get your Oklahoma driver's license.



    If you're are visiting Oklahoma, you may drive within the state for a short time as long as you're currently licensed in your home country.


    If you decide to become a resident of Oklahoma, you must apply for an Oklahoma driver's license at the time you officially establish residency. The state provides information on how to apply, and what documentation is needed.