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What 511 Is

Probably few Ohioans are familiar with the 511 service, because it's not yet available in the state. However, it likely will be available sometime in the near future, so we've included some background information for you about the system.

To increase the ease and safety in which we travel on our roadways, the U.S. Department of Transportation created the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with the approval of the Federal Communications Commission.

The ITS alerts drivers to road conditions, accidents, poor weather, construction, or a detour.

The 511 Plan

The original plan was to implement a national system in which motorists could dial 511 on their phones and obtain up-to-date roadway information. The service was meant to be mostly free to access, and was to contain much more detail than available on a standard local television or radio traffic report.

Ohio has received assistance funding to start up its program, so be on the lookout for 511 soon.

You can visit the Federal Highway Administration's 511 site to see which areas of the country are participating in the system, and which will be joining soon.

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