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  • RV & Motorhome Registration in Ohio

    The rules for registering a motor home or recreational vehicle (RV) in Ohio are essentially the same as those for registering a car. However, you will probably not need to have an e-Check inspection completed on the RV, as your vehicle should weigh more than 10,000 lbs. You will, however, need to obtain an exemption certificate to turn in with your registration application.

    Read below for more information about registering your RV with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

    First-Time RV Registration

    If you're registering your RV for the first time, you will need to do it in person at a your deputy registrar's branch.

    You'll need to bring your vehicle title, which proves ownership. (For details on how to obtain your title, see Title Transfers on this site.) Keep in mind that photocopies of titles are NOT acceptable. The title must be:

    • Notarized.
    • Have the Clerk of Courts' seal.

    You may apply for a vehicle title at a County Clerk of Courts title office.

    You and anyone else listed on the Certificate of Title will be the only people eligible to register your motor home, unless you have signed a Power of Attorney for Certificate of Title (Form BMV 3771) form to authorize someone else. (If you're leasing the RV, you'll need to have power of attorney from the leasing company.)

    You'll also need to bring proof of identification, such as your:

    • Valid driver's license.
    • Birth certificate.
    • Valid passport.

    The OH BMV provides a complete list of accepted identification documents.

    Ohio Registration Fees

    The motorhome registration fees will vary according to the local taxes in your county or municipal area. Contact your local Ohio BMV office for fee information specific to your vehicle and county of residence.

    Ohio Registration Renewal

    If you are renewing your motor home registration, you have several options for submitting the renewal paperwork. You can renew the registration:

    • In person.
    • By mail.
    • Online.

    Again, the fees will vary according to where you live.

    In Person

    If you enjoyed your experience at the deputy registrar's branch, you can always go back and renew in person. Remember to bring proof of identification and your renewal slip that you should have received in the mail. Also, only the RV owner or someone with power of attorney from the owner may renew the registration.

    If your registration has already expired or is within 10 days of expiration, it's best to handle the transaction at a deputy registrar's branch so that your registration does not expire before you receive the new certificate and license plate sticker.

    By Mail

    You can also renew by mail, using information on the renewal slip, IF all of the information (name, address, and vehicle) is the same. If anything has changed, you'll have to renew in person or online.


    Renewing online is probably the fastest and easiest method. The Ohio BMV's instructions and rules page will get you started.

    NOTE: If you are leasing your RV, your leasing company must be on the approved leasing companies list to be eligible for online renewal.

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