Replacing a Lost CDL in Ohio

Get a Duplicate Right Away

While the prospect of having to replace your CDL license is probably not an idea you relish, in Ohio it really isn't very difficult. And it will be necessary if your license has been lost, stolen or damaged.

You will just need to visit a deputy registrar's office, and be ready to pay $27 for the new license. You'll also need to bring a primary and a secondary form of identification.

What to Use for ID

Examples of primary forms of identification include birth certificates, military identification cards, valid passports, state identification cards, and Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service documents.

The primary document must provide both proof of your name and date of birth. If you have a Social Security number, it must be shown on at least one of the documents.

Secondary forms of identification include Social Security cards, credit cards, marriage certificates, health insurance cards, employee identification cards, school records and transcripts, human services cards, and medical treatment records from a doctor or hospital.

The documents must be originals―not copies―unless the copy has an original certification by the issuing authority.

The name on the documents must match the current name unless a change of name has been established by a court order, marriage certificate or license, or divorce decree.

And that's all there is to it.

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