Replacing a Lost CDL in Ohio

You MUST HAVE a valid, properly endorsed commercial driver's license to operate a commercial vehicle or truck, so apply for your duplicate CDL as soon as possible. Typically, you must apply for a replacement CDL in person with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV); however, the OH BMV MIGHT provide an alternative for out-of-state drivers.

Take steps to protect your identity and report your lost CDL to local and state law enforcement.

Apply for a Replacement CDL in OH

Replace your CDL with your local deputy registrar agency.

You'll need:

  • Acceptable proof of identification.
    • Generally, the BMV has your CDL-related documents—such as medical certificates and endorsement proofs—on file but it's a good idea to be prepared with these, just in case.
  • The $27 fee.

Once the clerk verifies your identity, you'll receive your duplicate CDL at the agency. The duplicate will have the same expiration date as your former, lost CDL.

Out-of-State OH Duplicate CDL

As noted above, generally the OH BMV issues replacements only in person; however, if you're a commercial driver who's currently out of state and believe your situation is urgent, contact the BMV for instructions.

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