Motorcycle Registration in Ohio

So you finally bought that motorcycle you've had your eye on. You can't wait to take it for a ride. The last thing on your mind are pesky details, but there is one important thing that you'll need to take care of before you go for a ride: registering your motorcycle.

First-time Registration

In Ohio, if you're registering your motorcycle for the first time, you will need to do it at a deputy registrar's office.

You'll need to bring along your title, which proves ownership. Keep in mind that photocopies of titles are not acceptable.

Also, only the owner of the motorcycle, or an individual who has been given power of attorney from the owner, may register it. You'll need to bring proof of identity.

The registration will expire every year on your birthday.

The registration fee will vary according to the local taxes involved. The base fee is $28.50, but another $20 could possibly be added to that.

Renewing Your Registration

If you are renewing your registration, you have more options. If you enjoyed your experience at the deputy registrar's office, you can always go back. Make sure to bring proof of identity.

You can instead renew by mail by returning your renewal notice with the required fee, but only if all the information (name, address, and motorcycle) is the same. If anything has changed, you'll have to renew in person or online.

If you qualify, you can choose to do everything online (read the complete list of instructions and rules). If you leased your motorcycle, your renewal will be due based on the leasing company's name.

If your registration has expired or is within days of expiration, it's best to handle the transaction at a deputy registrar's office.

Again, the fee will vary according to where you live, but the method of how you renew will not affect the total cost.

Three-Wheeled Vehicles

You can register and title a vehicle with 3 wheels as a motorcycle, as long as its Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin shows that the bike meets the federal motorcycle standards.

Of course, if you register your vehicle as a motorcycle, you'll need to follow the state's motorcycle laws, and have either a motorcycle license or endorsement.

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