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The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) allows you to access a majority of useful forms online, which you can download from the library below.

If you don't see the form you need OR have questions about a specific form, call the OH BMV at (844) 644-6268 OR visit your local BMV office branch.

Looking for a manual? Check out our pages on Ohio driver's handbooks and motorcycle manuals.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Request for Change of Address - BMV 5756

Notify the OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles of a permanent OR temporary change of address.

Eligible Adult in Loco Parentis Affidavit - BMV 2438

Complete this form if an Ohio instruction permit holder will practice driving with an adult supervisor OTHER than their legal guardian.

Fifty Hour Affidavit - BMV 5791

Fill out this form when you have completed 50 hours of supervised driving as part of earning your Ohio drive's license.

Next of Kin/Emergency Contact Enrollment - BMV 2437

Add a next of kin/emergency contact to your OH driver's license OR identification card.

Employer Approval for Probationary Driver License Holders Driving Within Restricted Hours - BMV 2825

Submit this form to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to drive with a probationary driver license OUTSIDE of restricted hours. For work purposes ONLY.

Title & Registration Forms

Application and Affidavit Historic License Plate - BMV 4806

Complete this form to register and request license plates for a historical vehicle in OH.

Application for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle - BMV 3774

Request an original, duplicate, replacement, memorandum, OR salvage Ohio Certificate of Title for your vehicle.

Application for Disability Placards - BMV 4826

Submit this form with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to order disability placards. May be used by individuals with disabilities OR organizations transporting disabled persons.

Application for Duplicate Registration Card, Transfer, Replacement Plates / Validation Sticker - BMV 4809

Request registration transfer, duplicate registration card, OR replacement Ohio license plates.

Application for Out-of-State Registration by Mail - BMV 4625

Mail this form to the Ohio BMV to register your vehicle AND request custom license plates from out-of-state.

Certified Watercraft Registration Application - DNR 8460R

Use this form to request an original, renewal, OR transferral of Ohio watercraft registration.

Customer Request to Cancel Vehicle Registration - BMV 4311

Submit this form to cancel your vehicle registration with the Ohio BMV.

Duplicate Registration or Decals Application - DNR 8456

Request duplicate OH registration card and/or decals for your boat. Cannot be used on expired registrations.

Registration Information and Authorization to Register - BMV 5736

Use this form to grant someone else power of attorney to register your vehicle in OH. Typically used for registering a leased car.

Request for Special License Plates - BMV 4705

Submit to the BMV to apply for customized OR special Ohio license plates.

Application for Collectors License Plates - BMV 4803

Use this form to register and request OH license plates for a classic or collectible vehicle that is NOT your primary means of transportation.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Notarized Written Consent Release of Personal Information - BMV 5008

Submit your written consent for the Ohio BMV to release your personal information to a separate entity (indicated on the form) for reasons allowed by law.

Record Request - BMV 1173

Submit this form to the BMV to request Ohio driver and vehicle records. You may request your own OR someone else's for purposes accepted by law.

Insurance Forms

Crash Report - BMV 3303

Complete this form if you're in an accident with an uninsured driver in Ohio. Applicable ONLY to crashes involving personal injury and/or significant property damage.

Commercial Forms

Application for Restricted CDL for Farm Related Service Industries - BMV 2170

Apply for a seasonal, restricted Ohio CDL if you plan on driving farming and/or agricultural commercial vehicles for part of the year.

Military Forms

Application for Skills Test Waiver Military Exception - BMV 2070

Waives the Ohio CDL road test for military members who recently drove commercial vehicles during service.

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