Fight Traffic Ticket in Ohio

SUMMARY: How to Fight an Ohio Traffic Ticket

To fight your traffic ticket, you'll need to plead “not guilty" and schedule a hearing in traffic court (if an appearance date is not shown on your ticket).

For complete instructions, refer to your OH traffic ticket or contact the presiding county court.

Continue reading this page to learn how to fight your Ohio traffic ticket.

What It Means to Fight Your Ohio Traffic Ticket

Fighting your OH traffic ticket in court means:

  • You may represent yourself or hire a traffic ticket lawyer.
  • No penalties or fines, if the court rules in your favor. However, you must still pay court fees and attorney fees (if applicable).
  • The court possibly issues a "guilty" verdict, requiring you pay the traffic ticket fine, as well as court fees and and attorney fees (if applicable). Points will be assigned to your OH driving record, which may cause a driver's license suspension and an increase in car insurance premiums.

Pleading Guilty or Not Contest

Pleading "guilty" or "no contest" waives your right to a trial by court. No further action is required after paying the OH traffic ticket fine. Read more in our Paying Your Traffic Ticket section.

Avoid Being Issued a Warrant

Failing to enter a plea before the traffic ticket's court date could lead to the suspension of your Ohio driver's license and a bench warrant for your arrest.

Notify the Ohio County Court

To fight your OH traffic violation in court, you must enter a "not guilty" plea. You can do this either by:

  • Appearing in court on the date and time listed on your traffic citation.
  • Visiting the court with your OH traffic ticket, entering a "not guilty" plea in writing, and completing the required paperwork.

The court will then issue you a future trial date. If you opt to enter a "not guilty" plea in writing, be sure to present it before the court appearance date passes.

Hire an Ohio Traffic Ticket Attorney

If your budget allows, strongly consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer with knowledge of OH traffic laws. A traffic ticket lawyer's advice might improve your chances for a favorable decision. This could mean reduced charges or even outright dismissal, which may spare you of points and increased car insurance rates.

Prepare Your Traffic Case

If you opt against hiring an OH traffic ticket lawyer, you'll need to prepare your own case. You'll be pitted against a seasoned prosecutor. You'll need to present a strong defense. In addition to gathering evidence, this may also include subpoenaing witnesses and ordering a copy of your driving record.

Plead Your Case Before a Judge or Jury

After hearing both sides, the judge will issue a verdict:

  • If found "not guilty," the Ohio traffic court will spare you of fines and penalties, except for court and legal fees (if applicable).
  • If, however, the judge finds you "guilty," you'll be informed of all repercussions.

Check Your OH Driving Record

Check your driving record after the trial to verify for accuracy. Make sure the point total is correct. Any errors could go against you, which may cause the possible loss of Ohio driving privileges and increased car insurance rates.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Points on your OH driving record could have an impact on your car insurance. However, you always have the option to counter increased car insurance rates by shopping for a new provider. Comparing car insurance rates online is a fast and convenient way for finding an affordable coverage package.

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