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    Getting a Vehicle Salesperson License

    You'll need to have an Ohio's salesperson's license before you can sell, lease, or display a vehicle, even if you've been hired by a dealership. And, yes, this applies to both part-time and full-time employees.

    Fortunately, it's not too difficult to obtain this license. For starters, if you're an Ohio resident, fill out the Motor Vehicle Dealer Salesperson License Application (Form BMV 4301).

    Fees and Where to Send

    Enclose a check or money order for $10, made payable to the Treasurer, State of Ohio. Then, mail all this to:

    • Dealer and Salesperson Licensing
    • P.O. Box 16521
    • Columbus, OH 43216

    Licenses expire on June 30th, every other year.


    You'll also need to have your fingerprints taken electronically. (Fingerprint cards aren't permitted for in-state applicants.) The state provides a list of companies that offer this service. Have the results sent to the address listed above. Electronic fingerprinting fees vary by company, and you'll need to pay the company directly for the service.

    Out-of-State Applicants

    Out-of-state applicants may submit a fingerprinting card instead. Call the Dealer Licensing section at (614) 752-7636 to obtain the fingerprinting card and an exemption form. (The state provides instructions on how to complete the card.)

    Renewing, Transferring, Reinstating a License

    Licenses expire every other year on June 30th. Use the Motor Vehicle Dealer Salesperson License Application (Form BMV 4301) to renew your license for a fee of $10.

    Additionally, if you've changed dealerships, use the form to transfer your license for a cost of $2. You don't need to do this if the new dealership is owned by the same corporation.

    Also use this form to obtain a duplicate license for $1 or to reinstate a license for $4.

    Additional Information

    The state provides more information on salesperson licensing. Or call the Dealer Licensing section at (614) 752-7636.

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