Voter Registration in New York

Attention: Voter information and identification requirements may change prior to an election. Please check with the Board of Elections website to make sure you have the most current information.

Registering to Vote in New York

To participate in New York state or federal elections, you'll need to register to vote with the New York Board of Elections. You can also register to vote through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This page includes information on how and where to register to vote, and how to change your address or party affiliation.

Voter Eligibility in New York

To register to vote in New York elections, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen (or born in Puerto Rico, Guam, or U.S. Virgin Islands).
  • Be 18 years old by December 31st of the year that you register.
    • NOTE: You must be 18 years old by the date of the election in order to vote.
  • NOT be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.
  • NOT be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court.
  • NOT claim the right to vote elsewhere.

New York Voter Registration Status

To check the status of your voter registration and locate your polling place in New York, please visit the NY Voter Registration Search page.

For more information, contact the New York Board of Elections at (800) 367-8683.

Register to Vote in New York

You must register to vote in New York at least 25 days before the next election to be eligible to vote. Absentee-voter applications must be delivered by mail no later than 7 days before the election (or in person no later than the day before the election).

In New York, you can register to vote online, in person, or by mail. You cannot register to vote by phone.

Once you complete this process, you'll be set to visit the polls and vote on Election Day.

NOTE: If you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day due to being out of state or having a disability, you should register as an absentee voter.


In New York, you can register to vote online through the NY DMV. Visit the MyDMV website, and sign in or create an account. You can then register to vote by clicking “Electronic Voter Registration Application."

The NY DMV will forward your application to your county Board of Elections.

NOTE: Your personal details on DMV records must be up to date before you register online. To update your information, visit our Changing Your Name in New York and Changing Your Address in New York pages.

In Person

You can register to vote in person at your NY county Board of Elections or any agency-based voter registration center.

You will need a completed voter registration form:

By Mail

You can also register to vote in New York by mail.

Just send a completed New York Voter Registration Form to your local county Board of Elections at least 25 days before the election you'd like to vote in. Get a registration form:

NOTE: You must physically sign your form. Digital or Adobe-generated signatures are NOT accepted.

Out-of-State Voter Registration in NY

If you are out of state, you can register to vote online at the NYS Board of Elections website.

Choose whether you are:

  • A uniformed services member, spouse, or dependent.
  • A U.S. citizen temporarily out of the country.
  • A U.S. citizen permanently out of the country.

You will be given a registration form to complete, sign, and mail back to the election office specified.

Once you are registered to vote, you will be able to vote as an absentee in the next 2 general elections.

Change Your Name, Address, or Party

You must notify the New York Board of Elections within 25 days of an address change to secure your voting rights.

If you recently moved to a new county or would like to change your party enrollment, you must update your information by completing the New York Voter Registration Form and mailing it to your local NY county Board of Elections.

Changed should be made with the County Board of Elections:

  • At least 20 days before a special, primary, or general election for an address change.
  • At least 25 days before a general election for a change of party enrollment.

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