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  • Replacing a Lost Registration in New York

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    There are many reasons why your vehicle registration might be missing. But, New York's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes that situation less painful by making it extremely easy to apply for a duplicate registration.

    Replacing your registration receipt and registration sticker are one and the same. You'll automatically receive both when you request one or the other.

    Duplicate Registration Online

    Ordering online is fast and easy. The New York online transaction page provides detailed information on everything you will need to know about using the system.

    In a nutshell, type in your license plate number, vehicle class, name, zip code, and e-mail address so the DMV can send you a confirmation receipt. Have a credit card handy to pay a $3 fee.

    Play it safe and print a copy of your e-mail receipt. This way, if your duplicate registration fails to arrive you can reference it when contacting the DMV.

    Your duplicate registration receipt and sticker will arrive within 2 weeks.

    Duplicate Registration in Person

    Visiting a DMV office in person represents the fastest means for receiving a duplicate registration sticker. Consider this option if you are a traffic ticket magnet, because there is a strong chance you can be ticketed, regardless of the circumstances, for driving without a registration sticker.

    When you visit a DMV office, you will need to:

    You'll immediately receive your registration receipt and sticker.

    Duplicate Registration by Mail

    You will need to send:

    Mail to:

    • NYSDMV Port Jefferson Office
    • 3 Roads Plaza
    • 1055 Route 112
    • Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

    Your registration materials will arrive in the mail within 2 weeks.

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