Lost Traffic Ticket in New York

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost New York Traffic Ticket Information

If you have a lost traffic ticket from the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), you can request a replacement copy online. Otherwise, contact the local county, city, town, or village traffic court handling your case for lost traffic ticket information.

The information you'll find on this page is relevant to lost traffic tickets that were issued due to a moving violation. These traffic tickets could be either a speeding ticket, a red light ticket or even a ticket for talking on a cell phone while driving. In certain situations this information may also be relevant to a lost parking ticket, but please confirm this with your local court before proceeding.

Keep reading to learn how to find a traffic ticket that's been lost.

Unless your traffic ticket reads Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) on the bottom, the chances that you can look up the ticket online are slim; most local NY courts (on county, city, town, and village levels) handle lost tickets in person, or can provide ticket information over the telephone (see below). Keep in mind, even if you don't have a TVB traffic ticket, you can still pay your traffic ticket online in some NY counties.

If your NY traffic citation does read Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) at the bottom, you can request a substitute traffic ticket via the TVB's website.

Note that only traffic tickets issued in the following TVB jurisdictions are eligible:

  • New York City.
  • Rochester.

To begin the NY lost ticket replacement process, visit the TVB Substitute Traffic Ticket page and follow the instructions.

Determine Where You Got Your Traffic Ticket

Traffic violations that aren't under the TVB's jurisdiction are handled by county, city, town, or village jurisdictions. If you can't find ticket and you know exactly where you received your traffic ticket in New York, proceed to the next section on visiting the appropriate NY county court website.

If you're not sure, try to narrow your options as much as possible. For example, can you at least remember the county? If so, you can contact that county's courthouse for help determining where in the county you were when you received the ticket and which traffic court you should contact.

When all else fails, you can contact the New York DMV. The traffic citation may be in its system, but if not, a representative can try to help you figure out where you were when you received the ticket.

Visit the NY County Court Website

New York State provides a list of courthouses online.

Generally, all you'll find here is the court's address and contact information; however, this is enough for you to contact the traffic court and find out your options regarding a lost ticket.

If you're unable to find traffic tickets, you can request a copy of the lost ticket from the court; however, most courts will let you know this usually isn't necessary. A clerk can provide you with any of the ticket information you need, including how to obtain a replacement plea form. Plea options, time frames, exact fines―the clerk can provide you with all this information.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your NY Ticket

Once you obtain your lost traffic ticket information, you can plead:

Pleading "guilty" or "no contest" generally means paying the NY ticket fine, admitting to your moving violation, and going on about your business (unless the traffic ticket puts enough points on your driver's license to suspend it, or your auto insurance company wants to increase your rates―then you might have some extra steps).

Pleading "not guilty" to your traffic ticket is an entirely different―and usually much more involved―process. You may also want to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help your case.

Learn more about each of these options in our Paying Your NY Traffic Ticket and Fighting Your Traffic Ticket in New York sections.

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