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  • Defensive Driving in New York

    The Point and Insurance Reduction Program

    Now 100% Online with No Tests and No Exams.

    When you enroll in an approved defensive driving class, you:

    1. Receive a 10% reduction in the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums.
    2. Refresh your driving knowledge.
    3. First Online Defensive Driving Course Approved by the DMV
    4. Can be eligible to reduce as many as 4 points off your New York driving record.

    Find a DMV approved
    New York Defensive Driving Course Online:

    What is Defensive Driving?

    Defensive driving is a method of driving that minimizes the number of driving risks, using more advanced skills than just your basic training. When you employ defensive driving techniques, you become a better, safer, and smarter driver―one who is better prepared for the hazards ahead.

    Defensive Driving Techniques

    The most hands-on way to learn defensive driving techniques is through a local traffic school.

    Too, the New York Driver's Manual devotes an entire chapter to defensive driving, and lists the following as the basic techniques:

    • Be prepared and look ahead.
    • Maintain proper speed.
    • Signal when turning or changing lanes.
    • Leave enough space, in distance and time, between you and other vehicles.
    • Wear your seat belt.
    • Don't drive if you are tired, medicated, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.
    • Maintain your vehicle.

    Be sure to check out's New York Traffic School page for a schedule and location near you.

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