Commercial Driver Education in New York

Pro Training

To obtain a commercial driver license (CDL) in the state of New York, it's best to receive professional training―not only so that you can pass the written and road tests, but also so that you learn the many skills required for driving a large commercial vehicle safely and professionally.

CDL training is provided by private companies (third parties), so you should contact a local training company for pricing, scheduling, and course information and requirements. It's also important to mention that if you're looking for free cdl training NYC does not offer it.

Federal Regulations

Federal requirements do not mandate a specific number of classroom or behind-the-wheel hours of training that you have to undertake to receive a CDL. Rather, federal requirements are that you can pass tests demonstrating that you have comprehensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Safe operations regulations
  • Commercial motor vehicle safety control systems
  • Safe vehicle control:
    • Control systems
    • Basic control
    • Shifting
    • Backing
    • Visual search
    • Communication
    • Speed management
    • Space management
    • Night operation
    • Extreme driving conditions
    • Hazard perceptions
    • Emergency maneuvers
    • Skid control and recovery
  • Relationship of cargo to vehicle control
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Hazardous materials knowledge
  • Air brake knowledge
  • Combination vehicles:
    • Coupling and uncoupling
    • Vehicle inspection

State Regulations

In addition to the above federally required topics, you can find detailed information about what the New York Department of Motor Vehicles expects you to know in order to pass the written and road tests in the New York State Commercial Driver's Manual. However, the DMV stresses that studying the manual is not enough to prepare you to be a professional driver, and encourages all CDL applicants to seek formal training from a commercial driver training program.

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