Motorcycle Registration in Nevada

All motorcycles over 50cc must be registered in this state just like any other vehicle. However, motorcycles are not subject to emissions testing. Mopeds are typically 50cc or less, so they don’t require registration.

In addition to standard registration fees (calculated according to a number of data, including year and make), all motorcycle registrations will be assessed an extra $6 charge to help fund rider safety programs throughout the state.

All motorcycle registrations must be processed at a full-service DMV office.

In-state Dealer Purchase

Register your motorcycle before the expiration date on the temporary placard issued by the dealer. Simply bring in the Report of Sale. Sales tax should have been paid at the dealer, so it won’t be required at the DMV.

Out-of-state Dealer Purchase

You’ll need your invoice or bill of sale, as well as one of the following:

  • Title
  • Manufacturer’s certificate of origin
  • Security agreement
  • Lease agreement

You’ll also need to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection performed either by a local law enforcement officer or at a full-service DMV office. The DMV will calculate Nevada sales tax and require you to pay the difference if the tax you paid doesn’t equal that amount.

Note: If you purchased your motorcycle in Utah, full Nevada taxes will be due.

Private-Party Purchase

You should register your motorcycle within 30 days of the purchase date. You’ll need your title or security agreement. A VIN inspection will also be done at the DMV. You’ll also be required to document the odometer reading.

Vehicles purchased by a private party in 2006 or later will not be assessed sales tax.

New Residents

If you’ve moved to the state, you have 30 days to transfer your registration. Simply bring in your current license plates and registration certificate. You’ll also need a VIN inspection from the DMV.

Liability Insurance

All registered vehicles must maintain the minimum liability insurance coverage from a Nevada insurer, as required by the state. At the time of registration, your insurance information will be verified electronically. Failure to maintain insurance coverage throughout your ownership of the motorcycle can result in suspension of your registration and a fine. Find out more about Nevada insurance requirements.

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