Motorcycle License in Nevada

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, obtaining your Class M (motorcycle) license isn’t a complicated process.

When you’re ready to go through the process, you have two options: pass an approved course from a third-party provider, or pass the knowledge and skills tests from your local DMV office.

Third-Party Courses

Sponsored by the Office of Traffic Safety’s Nevada Rider program, these providers offer a comprehensive knowledge and skills instruction course:

No instruction permit or motorcycle is necessary to take these courses.

After Course Completion

Fill out a driver license application, even if you already have a license.

Submit the application, your Certificate of Completion, and your existing driver license at your local DMV office.

DMV-administered Tests

To take the knowledge test, apply in person at your nearest full-service DMV office. Fill out a driver license application and bring your existing license. You’ll take the written test at that time. No appointment is necessary.

Once you pass the knowledge test, you’ll be eligible to sign up for a skills test. Appointments are mandatory. Because not every DMV office administers motorcycle skills tests, please call to find out about locations and make appointments.

The test will include a pre-trip inspection, where you’ll be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the bike and its controls and equipment. The on-road portion of the test will include stopping, turning, changing lanes, and quick turns.

After you pass the skills test (which includes a registration check), you’ll receive a temporary license at the office. Your official license will be mailed to you.

Instruction Permit Optional

It’s not necessary to obtain a motorcycle instruction permit to take the skills test. You’ll only need one if you wish to ride your motorcycle on public roads before passing all required tests (to practice, for instance).

The permit allows you to ride your bike only when accompanied by another motorcycle rider who is 21 years or older and has at least 1 year of driving experience. And even then, you may only ride during daylight hours.

Study Help

The Nevada DMV has prepared a comprehensive manual that covers the rules of the road as they relate specifically to motorcycles. The manual also includes information about required equipment and safety gear, as well as advice on handling specific situations, such as group riding and avoiding crashes.

Also check out the DMV's information sheet about required equipment for your motorcycle.

Size Matters

Your motorcycle license will be restricted to certain sizes of bikes, depending on what vehicle you use to pass your test. If the displacement on your test motorcycle is less than 90cc, you’ll only be able to ride bikes that are 90cc or less. If your test vehicle is a moped that’s less than 50cc, you’ll only be able to ride bikes that are 50cc or less.

New to the State?

If you have a motorcycle license or endorsement from another state, it will be honored here in Nevada. Size restrictions will still apply.

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