Drivers in the Military in Nevada

If you're a Nevada resident in the military and stationed somewhere outside of the state, you still need to keep your driver license and vehicle registration current.

Before everything else, you should also keep your address current in the Department of Motor Vehicles database. Always fill out a Change of Address Notification when you move, even during the time you're out of state. You can mail it to the address on the form or fax it to (775) 684-4992. Include a Leave & Earnings Statement (LES) whenever possible.

Renewing Your Driver License

Because there are no automatic extensions on driver licenses for military personnel and their families, the DMV allows you a couple long-distance renewal options while you're out of the state.

Renew Online

The quickest and most straightforward renewal option is available via the Internet. If you've received a renewal notice with an access code, you're eligible to renew online. After renewing, you'll be sent a sticker to place on the back of your license.

Renew by Mail

You must meet the following qualifications to be eligible to renew by mail:

  • Active-duty military member or federal government employee, or spouse or dependent.
  • Legal Nevada resident.
  • Current mailing address is out of state.
  • License is not suspended, canceled, or revoked.
  • Noncommercial driver license only.
  • License is current, or not expired for more than 2 years.

To renew by mail, send in the following:

Whichever renewal method you choose, once your application is received and approved you will be mailed a new license that is marked "Valid Without Photo." Upon your return to Nevada, you'll have 24 days to surrender this special license and obtain one with a photo.

If you renew an expired license or have had more than three moving violations in the past 4 years, your new license may have an "S" restriction. This restriction means that you'll be required to take a written and/or driving test before your next renewal when you arrive back in the state.

Original Driver License

If you haven't obtained your regular driver license for the first time before leaving the state, you'll find yourself out of luck. There is no way to apply for an original license unless you're in Nevada.

Duplicate Driver License

If your driver license is lost, stolen, or mutilated while you're stationed outside of the state, you can apply for a duplicate by mail. Simply fill out the same forms that are required for driver license renewal (above), and mail them to the address on the application form. The fee is $17. You'll receive a driver license that is marked "Valid Without Photo." This license must be surrendered within 24 days of your return to the state.

Your application will be denied if your driving privilege is suspended, revoked, or canceled in any state.

Motor Vehicle Registration

As an active-duty military member stationed outside of Nevada, you may keep the Nevada registration on your vehicle. Renewals are required yearly.

Renew Online

As long as no smog check is required for your vehicle, you can renew your registration online. Certificates are sent to the address on record, so if you've moved, renew by mail instead.

Renew by Mail

Follow the instructions on your renewal notice to renew by mail. If you didn't receive a notice, you can e-mail a request for information. Include your name, current address, and license plate number. You'll receive specific instructions on which forms to send in.

Emissions Requirements

If your vehicle would normally require an emissions test, you'll need to have it tested if you're in a state that also requires testing. As long as you comply with that state's requirements, you'll be allowed to renew in Nevada. Send in the smog certification from that state, along with the Emission Control Residency Affidavit. If you're in a location that does not require emissions testing, simply fill out the Emission Control Residency Affidavit and send it in.

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