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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Nevada

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    Custom Built Car Registration in Nevada

    Registering your custom-built car is a fairly simple process―probably much simpler than the vehicle construction itself. It's much like registering any other motor vehicle, except for another additional form and a required inspection. You'll need to apply to register your custom vehicle with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, but you must first go through the vehicle inspection.

    Continue reading this page to find out exactly what extra steps you'll need to take to get your custom vehicle registered and titled in NV.

    Registering a Custom-Built Vehicle

    NOTE: Generally, the NV DMV requires that you check in with them before starting with your vehicle build. However, if you've come this far, you'll find out soon enough if you've taken all the necessary steps to get your vehicle in compliance. There are several steps you'll need to take to get your specially constructed vehicle registered and titled in Nevada.

    The Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction (Form VP-64) is a vital part. On this form, a representative of a state-registered garage or body shop must complete the first part, as well as sections A, B, or C, as applicable. You'll also need to indicate whether your vehicle is specially constructed or built from a manufactured kit.

    At the time of your inspection, the garage representative will inspect the vehicle and give various parts of your car a "pass" or "fail" related to safety and state requirements. Once all parts receive a pass, he or she will then sign off on the vehicle, indicating that your vehicle is safe to operate on Nevada roads.

    Now you can proceed with the registration side of the process.

    You'll start by filling out Part II of the Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction (Form VP-64). However, the DMV recommends that you hold off on signing that section until you're in the presence of a DMV official who will witness your signature and complete the last part of the form.

    This means that you'll need to apply for registration in person at your nearest full-service DMV office. At the time of your application, you'll also have to show all other ownership documents (e.g., vehicle title), as required for any other motor vehicle registration, and have a VIN inspection (if your vehicle is from out of state). If you have not yet established legal ownership of your custom car, you'll experience some difficulty when you go to register the vehicle at the Nevada DMV.

    On the other hand, if you prefer to do a title-only transaction to obtain legal ownership of the vehicle without registering the vehicle, you can certainly do so.

    Lost the Title for Your Custom Vehicle?

    If you have already been through the titling process for your custom-built vehicle, but recently misplaced your Nevada title, you''ll need to apply for a duplicate.

    The cost to you will be $20 to get a replacement title.

    For more information on the process of applying for a replacement NV vehicle title, please read our page about Replacing a Lost Title in Nevada.