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    NV Custom Built Car Registration

    Registering your custom-built car is a fairly simple process―probably much simpler than the vehicle construction itself. It's much like registering any other motor vehicle, except for one additional form and a required inspection.

    The Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction is vital. On this form, a representative of a state-registered garage or body shop must complete the first part, as well as sections A, B, or C, as applicable.

    The garage representative will inspect the vehicle and give various parts of your car a "pass" or "fail" related to safety and state requirements. Once all parts receive a pass, he or she will then sign off on the vehicle, stating that it's safe to operate on Nevada roads. Now you can proceed with the registration.

    You will then need to fill out Part II of the form, but hold off on signing that section until you're in the presence of a DMV official, who will witness your signature and complete the last part of the form.

    This means that you'll need to apply for registration in person, at your nearest full-service DMV office. At the time of application, you'll also have to show all other ownership documents, as required for any other motor vehicle registration.

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