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When it comes to training for a commercial driver's license (CDL), there is no federally mandated number of hours or days that you must complete to be eligible to get your license. The state of Nevada also does not require a specific amount of time to be spent on training. Rather, the minimum requirements are that you get enough training to demonstrate that you are proficient in the knowledge and skills evaluated on the rigorous set of licensing tests.

Much of this training will come from third-party trucking schools throughout the state. The companies listed here have been approved by the DMV. Most providers offer classroom instruction to cover the knowledge tests, as well as behind-the-wheel training to get you ready for your slate of skills tests.

Even if you're enrolled in a driving school, you'll still probably use the Commercial Driver's License Handbook as a valuable resource for all your studying. It contains a wealth of information, ranging from application procedures and specific training to information on driving skills and vehicle inspection.

Once you've completed a commercial driving course, you may even be able to take the required DMV tests at that facility. Check with your driving instructor to be sure. Otherwise, come in to the nearest Commercial Driver License DMV office.

Be sure to read our detailed list of qualifications, requirements, and application procedures for applying for a new CDL.

A Word of Warning

Your choice of driving school can mean the difference between passing or failing the tests―or even worse, driving without a full skill set. It's an unfortunate reality that there are a number of "CDL mills" operating throughout the United States―and possibly even within Nevada.

These schools pack students into fast-paced courses that give them hardly enough instruction to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely and easily. It's best to stick with the DMV-certified programs, but if for some reason you can't, watch out for schools that seem too good to be true.

Any CDL training program that lasts just a couple weeks is probably not a good bet; there's just no way to learn all the necessary skills with any proficiency in such a short time. Also, some training programs offered by commercial carriers may only give you a small amount of driving and classroom time, in an attempt to get you on the road and working for them as soon as possible.

Nevada licenses its CDL driving schools, so any legitimate school should be fine with your request for the licensing body contact details. This will allow you to check whether there have been complaints against the company or anything else that would be a red flag.

In the end, just passing the required tests doesn't mean you're ready to go. Driving a large commercial rig confidently and safely takes time, professionalism, and lots of practice. Do yourself a favor by choosing a quality training program that will ease you along from skill to skill, allowing you to actually become proficient as a professional commercial driver.

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