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  • Paperwork When Selling a Car in Nevada

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    Selling a Vehicle

    First of all, if you sell more than 3 vehicles in a year, you're technically considered a dealer and will need to be licensed by the DMV to do business.

    Private-Party Sales

    You should give the buyer a properly signed-off title. You'll need to request a duplicate if you don't have one. Apply to the state that issued the existing title.

    The only time you won't need to obtain a duplicate title is if the vehicle was titled in Nevada, is older than 9 years, and has no liens. In that case, the buyer can submit an Application for Duplicate Nevada Certificate of Title (Form VP 012) and a Bill of Sale (Form VP 104) to obtain the title on his or her own.

    • When signing over the title, you'll need all owners to sign the document if the names are listed with the word "and."
    • If they're listed with "or," only one owner needs to sign.

    You should also fill out a bill of sale for your records. (If the buyer needs one to register the vehicle, complete a couple forms so you each have an original.)

    Keep the license plates and transfer them to another vehicle, or surrender them to the NV DMV.

    The buyer will be responsible for emissions testing, if necessary, and also for a current insurance policy.

    Dealer Trade-Ins

    The dealer has 30 days to satisfy any outstanding liens on the vehicle once you trade it in. If you don't have the title, you may be asked to sign a power-of-attorney document so the dealer can handle the transaction.

    Once you trade in a vehicle, the dealer must keep the trade-in until financing has been arranged for the newly purchased vehicle. If the dealer is not able to complete financing arrangements, he or she is legally required to give back the trade-in.

    Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

    If you're not going to transfer the plates to another vehicle, you must surrender them to the DMV within 30 days of your vehicle being sold. Bring the plates to any DMV office. Or, if you prefer, mail the plates, along with a letter requesting cancellation, to:

    Department of Motor Vehicles

    Central Services Division

    555 Wright Way

    Carson City, Nevada 89711-0700

    Be sure to include your address and phone number in your cancellation letter.

    Bill of Sale

    Even though a bill of sale is only mandatory in certain cases, it's always smart, regardless of the circumstance, to have one for your records. You can conveniently download this form from our Bill of Sale page.

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