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    What is a Title Transfer?

    Your vehicle's title serves as definitive, documented proof of ownership. When it comes to changing vehicle ownership, you must transfer the title to finalize the deal. Following the date of purchase or acquisition, you have 30 days to transfer the title into your name. Otherwise, you'll be charged with a late fee. Typical situations for title transfers include:

    • Transferring to family
    • Inheriting a vehicle
    • Gifting or donating a vehicle
    • Name corrections
    • Paying off a car loan
    • Selling or buying a vehicle

    Selling a Vehicle

    Before settling on a price, order a vehicle history report. This way you'll have the same information your potential buyers have, making it easy for both parties to ease the process and settle on a price. For more information, visit our vehicle history reports page.

    After finalizing a deal, you must:

    1. Remove the car's license plates and either assign them to another vehicle of the same class, or turn them in to any Motor Vehicle Division Office (MVD) office.
    2. Sign the back of the title.
    3. Record the mileage on the back of the title.

    Buying a Vehicle

    New Cars

    Your dealer will submit the proper papers for processing your title.

    If you're in the beginning stages of searching for a new car, you always have the option of shopping online.

    Used Cars

    Finding a reliable car that conforms with your budget takes top priority when shopping for a used car. Knowing your finance options will make it easier to pinpoint a vehicle that's right for you. And don't forget to include insurance rates when deciding on your budget. You can find quotes from a host of carriers at our Insurance Center.

    Once you settle on a vehicle, don't sign any documents or make a handshake-agreement until you order a vehicle history report. This could protect you from any concealed mechanical or odometer flaws.

    Once you're ready to buy, here's what to bring to any MVD office:

    1. The vehicle's title, signed by the seller.
    2. A current driver's license. If the address on your license is not current, you will need to present two forms of address proof. This can include a utility or telephone bill, an insurance or property tax statement, or a check or bank statement. A post office box is not an acceptable address for evidence of a physical domicile.
    3. A bill of sale.
    4. A completed Application for Vehicle Title and Registration (Form MVD 10002).
    5. A completed Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MVD 10187) if the mileage is not noted on the old title.
    6. Proof of insurance.
    7. Residents of Bernalillo County (i.e. the Albuquerque area) titling a non-diesel-powered vehicle with a model year 1980 and later need to supply a form showing a passing emissions grade.
    8. Payment for all applicable fees.

    The procedures involved for titling and registering tend to overlap. Much of what is required for one is also required for the other. So it's best to take care of them both at the same time. Be sure to title first, since you'll need one to register.

    Removing a Lien

    After you pay off your car loan, your lienholder will mail you the title or a Release of Lien statement. You then must:

    1. Bring either document to any MVD location.
    2. Complete a Application for Vehicle Title and Registration (Form MVD 10002).
    3. Pay the fee.

    Transferring to Family

    A family transfer includes the following members:

    • Spouse
    • Child
    • Grandparent
    • Grand child
    • Brother or sister

    To have a vehicle transferred over, you must visit your local MVD office with:

    1. The existing title that is signed over to you.
    2. Proof of insurance.
    3. Two proofs of state residency, with both showing the same address.
    4. A notarized copy of the Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle or Boat (Form MVD-10018).
    5. Payment for all applicable fees.

    Gifting a Vehicle

    The state's excise tax is waived when obtaining a vehicle by gift.

    You'll need to visit any MVD office and have:

    1. The vehicle's signed-over title, with the word "GIFT" listed as the purchase price.
    2. Proof of insurance.
    3. Proof of identification.
    4. Payment for all applicable fees.

    Donating a Vehicle

    Options abound, centered around charities and causes. You can learn more at our car donation page.

    Car donations often equate into tax credits. To help maximize your tax break, give some thought to consulting a tax attorney.

    Inheriting a Vehicle

    You have 30 days following the date of death to transfer the title in your name. Depending on the circumstance, hiring the services of a probate attorney is advisable.

    Visit your local MVD office with:

    1. All certified paperwork from the court proceedings. If the owner is your spouse and died without a will, or if probate is not required, you'll need to complete a Certificate of Transfer Without Probate (Form MVD-10011).
    2. The death certificate.
    3. Proper identification.
    4. Payment for all applicable fees (excise tax is waived if you're the heir, executor or recipient of the estate).

    When titling, you will also need to register the vehicle in your name and secure insurance. If needed, you can shop online and compare rates at our Insurance Center.

    Making Name Corrections

    Changing a Name

    Visit any MVD location and:

    1. Bring, depending on your situation, a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court document.
    2. Proof of identification.
    3. Pay the fee.

    Obtaining a vital record, though not mandatory, will confirm, if needed, any name changes due to divorce, marriage or court order. You can learn more at our Changing Your Name page.

    Deleting a Name

    Here's what to do:

    1. Have the other person sign-off his or her name.
    2. Bring the title to any MVD office.
    3. Complete an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form MVD-10901).
    4. Pay the fee.

    Adding a Name

    To add a name, you must:

    1. Have the other person sign his or her name to the title.
    2. Deliver the title to any MVD office.
    3. Fill-out an Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form MVD-10901).
    4. Pay the fee.

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