Salvaged Vehicles in New Mexico

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It's unlawful in New Mexico to sell a salvage vehicle, or what is deemed as non-repairable, without a branded title. This means the vehicle's title must be stamped or branded as salvage.

Salvage Vehicles Defined

A salvage vehicle is one that has been damaged to the extent that it is deemed uneconomical to repair, although it can still be restored. Usually, your insurer will give you a total loss payment and you will need to obtain a salvage certificate of title for your vehicle.

Once a vehicle is branded as salvage, it will always be salvage, regardless of how much it has been repaired.

A non-repairable vehicle is one that cannot be resold as a vehicle, but rather a source for parts or scrap metal.

Options for Salvage Vehicles

In New Mexico, you cannot transfer ownership of your salvaged vehicle unless it has a salvage branded title.

If your vehicle is non-repairable, you cannot transfer ownership to anyone else unless you are transferring it to a license auto recycler.

You will need to forward your certificate of title and payment to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) within 20 days. The MVD will then mail you a non-repairable vehicle certificate.

For more information about salvaged vehicles in New Mexico, contact the NM Motor Vehicle Division.

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