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  • Replacing a Lost Title in New Mexico

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    Your title is an important document, but it can be easy to misplace. We'll show you how to replace it.

    Residents Living in New Mexico

    To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged title, New Mexico residents currently living in the state must complete the duplicate title form, and take it to a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) field office. Or, just fill out the form at the location.

    Only the vehicle's registered owner, legal owner, successor in interest, or legal representative may apply for the duplicate. Your attorney must present a signed power of attorney.

    Be sure to bring your driver's license and current registration with you. If a lien shows on the title, you must produce a lien release, or the title will be mailed to the lienholder.

    If everything is in order, you'll get a duplicate title for $16.50.

    Residents Outside the State

    Residents currently living outside New Mexico have the option of obtaining a duplicate title by mail.

    Besides completing the duplicate title form, those applying by mail must make a photocopy of their driver's license and registration.

    Make your check or money order out to the Motor Vehicle Division for $16.50. Then, mail the payment and paperwork to:

    • Services Bureau
    • P.O. Box 1028
    • Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028

    The title will be mailed to your New Mexico address, providing the title is in the state's records and you don't have a lien on your title. Or, it will be sent to your current location if all this applies and you include a pre-addressed envelope listing your present address.

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