Motorcycle Registration in New Mexico

Basic Information

If while getting in tune with your wild side you went out and purchased a Harley or a sport rocket to tear along the state's scenic byways, you are not alone.

Almost 60,000 riders have a New Mexico motorcycle license. And just about 30,000 bikes are registered for the road. That's quite a few motorcycles. Plus with New Mexico's postcard-perfect scenery and cooperative weather (well, not always in the mountains), it's hard to go a day without seeing a pack of bikers shooting by somewhere.

If you're itching to hop on the saddle and join the pack, or you just want to head out and explore the state, you will need to get your new motorcycle street legal.

This entails heading down to a local Motor Vehicle Division office and registering the bike. The paperwork and procedures necessary to put on those fancy New Mexico license plates is exactly the same as with any other vehicle. So if you have registered a car or truck with the state before, then you are already familiar with the process.

Even motocross, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles utilize the same registration process. So if you bought a dirt bike instead of a Harley, you will not have to do anything different before you hit the trails.

Now if you got a Monster Garage urge and built your own chopper, then you might need to register is as a custom-built vehicle.

Registration Fees

  • Motorcycle: $15 plus a $1 tire-recycling fee each year
  • Off-road vehicle: $15 for two years
  • Duplicate registration certificate: $1

For added fees, you can upgrade your motorcycle registration to receive personalized plates with a phrase or words of your creation etched into it. On top of the normal registration fees, the state will tack on another $17 for each year you keep the plate.

There is also a Veteran Motorcycle plate available for motorcycles. This carries a one-time $9 fee on top of the regular registration fee.

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