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  • Identification Cards in New Mexico

    Identification Cards in New Mexico

    New Mexico state ID cards are used as a primary proof of identity by those who do not have other means to do so. In most cases, citizens use their driver's license to prove their identity and age. However, some people do not possess a driver's license, yet they need a valid ID―for things like opening a bank account or cashing a check.

    Having a form of identification that you can simply carry in a wallet or pocketbook is essential in today's world. Passports tend to be too big to carry in your wallet and not everybody has (or needs) one. Birth certificates lack the obvious photo requirement, and a Social Security card will not get you very far either.

    The state ID card is a great alternative. It has all the benefits of a driver's license, minus the driving.

    The MVD of New Mexico issues secure state ID cards as well as alternative ID cards.

    Minors who are too young to drive can also opt for an ID card. They can get one without parental consent unless they choose to register as an organ donor.

    Applying for a New Mexico ID Card

    An ID card identifies a person as a citizen of a specific state. You are not allowed to have one if you already possess a driver's license.

    You must apply for an ID card in person at a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office. There, you have to provide the following documentation (view the complete list):

    • 1 document of your identity with documents such as:
      • Your birth certificate.
      • A valid U.S. passport.
      • A military ID.
    • 1 document proving your identification number with documents such as your Social Security card.
    • 2 documents proving your New Mexico residency with documents such as:
      • A rental or mortgage agreement.
      • Utility bills.
      • A bank statement.

    A photograph will be taken of you for an ID card, and you will need to provide your thumbprint and signature. As with a driver's license, you have the choice of registering as an organ donor (minors must have a guardian's signature).

    You'll need to pay:

    • $10 for a ID card that is valid for 4 years.
    • $18 for an ID card that is valid for 8 years.

    NOTE: Your ID card will be free if you are 75 years old or older.

    If you are unable to provide the identification documents required for a secure ID above, you can obtain an alternative identification card by providing:

    • 2 documents proving your identity.
    • 1 document your your New Mexico residency.

    Renewing Your New Mexico ID Card

    New Mexico ID cards are issued for a period of either 4 years or 8 years.

    Because New Mexico does not have online renewal services available, you will need to go in person to your local Motor Vehicle Division Office to process your ID card renewal. You'll need to surrender your old ID card.

    The renewal fee is $10 for 4 years, $18 for 8 years, or free if you are 75 years old or older.

    Replacing Your Lost, Stolen, or Damaged ID Card

    To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID card, head to your local MVD office with state-approved identity documents in hand.

    Duplicate ID card fees are the same as regular identification card fees:

    • $10 for an ID valid for 4 years.
    • $18 for an ID valid for 8 years.
    • All fees are waived for applicants 75 years old or older.
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