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  • Disability Plates and Placards in New Mexico

    New Mexico Disability Placards & Plates

    The placards or license plates required to use disability parking spaces are issued by the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

    The MVD issues both permanent and temporary placards, as well as license plates for people with disabilities and for disabled veterans.

    Types of Disability Placards & Plates

    The New Mexico MVD issues several types of parking permits for people with disabilities:

    • Permanent placards.
    • Temporary placards.
    • Handicapped plates.
    • Disabled veteran plates.

    To get a placard or plate, you must have an eligible disability certified by a medical professional.

    Rules for Disability Plates and Placards

    Placards and plates for disabled parking allow you to park in designated handicap parking spaces for easier access to businesses and buildings.

    Only you can use the permit or plate issued to you.

    When you park, you must display your placard so that the permit number and expiration date are visible from the front of the car. You can:

    • Hang the placard on the rearview mirror.
    • Put it on your dashboard if there is no mirror.

    NM Visitors with Disabilities

    If you are visiting New Mexico from out of state, you can use your out-of-state disability placard. The state of New Mexico honors placards from all other states.

    If you become a NM resident, you must apply for a New Mexico disability placard or license plate. See “Apply for NM Placards & Plates" below.

    Apply for NM Placards & Plates

    The New Mexico MVD issues:

    • Placards to people with temporary or permanent disabilities.
    • License plates to people with permanent disabilities only.

    The application processes for placards and plates differ.

    Disability Placards

    You can apply for a disability parking placard in person at your local NM MVD office.

    You will need a completed Certificate of Eligibility for Parking Placard for Mobility Impaired Individuals (Form MVD-10383) that includes certification by a licensed doctor.

    Contact the NM MVD for any related fees.

    NOTE: The information the doctor provides on your application form will determine whether you get a temporary placard or permanent placard.

    License Plates

    You can apply for a mobility limitation (HP) license plate by mail.

    If your disability is due to serving in the military, see “ Disabled Veteran License Plates" below.

    You will need a completed Application for Mobility Limitation (HP) License Plate (Form MVD-10270), which must include a licensed doctor's certification of your disability.

    The HP license plate: Free. You are still subject to vehicle registration fees.

    Mail your application to:

    New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
    MVD Vehicle Services Bureau
    P.O. Box 1028
    Santa Fe, NM 87504

    Disabled Veteran License Plates

    If you are a veteran with a disability resulting from military service, you can apply for disabled veteran license plates.

    To apply, you will need:

    You can receive license plates for 2 vehicles, and your vehicle registration fees will be waived.

    Renew NM Placards & Plates

    All New Mexico disability placards and license plates expire and must be renewed. Their validity periods are:

    • Permanent placards: 4 years.
    • Temporary placards: 1 year.
    • License plate renewals: Concurrent with your vehicle registration.

    If your temporary placard expires and you still need it, you must reapply and have your doctor re-certify your disability.

    When your NM permanent disability placard expires, take the following to your nearest MVD office:

    Contact the NM MVD to confirm any applicable renewal fees.

    Replace a Disability Permit in New Mexico

    If your placard has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you will need to go in person to your local New Mexico MVD office. You will need to:

    For replacement fees, contact the NM MVD.

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