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  • Defensive Driving in New Mexico

    If you have received a traffic ticket in New Mexico, then a New Mexico State Approved Defensive Driving Course is a great way to dismiss your traffic ticket and lose the points from your driving records. I Drive Safely is a good choice for New Mexico Defensive Driving Course online.

    The successful completion of a course from one of the approved Defensive Driving Course may prevent violations from damaging your driving record. While in many cases a course just might get a traffic ticket dismissed, attending traffic school can also enhance your driving knowledge and skill level, and it may increase your overall safety awareness so that you, your family, and other drivers can be safer on the roads.

    State-Approved Course

    You may take a defensive driving course because you got a ticket and the judge told you to; because you want to get an insurance discount; or simply because you wish to become a better driver.

    Ticket Dismissal and Point Reduction

    If you get a traffic ticket, don't just pay the fine. Go to court and ask to be sent to defensive driving school. The judge will give you a list of approved local schools. Bring back a certificate of completion, and you may just be walking away with your record wiped clean.

    Attending the course may also qualify you for a reduction of points on your driving record, depending on the violation and your prior record. Call (888) 683-4636 to see if you are eligible for a reduction.

    Insurance Premiums

    Call your insurance carrier to ask if they'll give you a discount for attending driver safety school.

    Also compare the amount of the discount to the cost of the course; some discounts will not offset the costs you'll incur.

    Driving While Intoxicated

    If you're convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you'll face hefty fines, suspended driving privileges, costly reinstatement fees, and a variety of treatment and training programs―including traffic school.

    New Mexico offers a separate course specifically for DWI offenders, so ask about these when you call one of the schools.

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