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    New Jersey Traffic Tickets

    No matter how safely you drive, there is a chance you may slip up and receive a traffic ticket at one time or another.

    Most moving violations result in points being added to your driver history record, and when enough points accumulate, you could be in danger of a driver's license suspension or revocation.

    A traffic ticket could also result in an increase in your New Jersey auto insurance premium, even if it's your first one.

    Read below for more information about New Jersey traffic tickets.

    Check Your Driving Record

    For information about how to view or order a copy of your complete driving history in New Jersey, see our Driving Records in New Jersey page.

    Avoid Common Mistakes

    In New Jersey, distracted drivers are often ticketed for careless driving, which carries a minimum $50 fine. You could get a distracted driving ticket for a number of reasons, such as eating, reading, shaving, applying makeup, or holding a pet while driving.

    Using a mobile device can also result in a traffic ticket. When you are behind the wheel, your attention must be focused on driving alone. For this reason, you should use a hands-free device with your wireless phone or pull over to the side of the road to use it. (Violators may receive a minimum fine of $100.)

    What to Do if You Get a Ticket in NJ

    The New Jersey Courts website is a fast, secure, and convenient way to access your traffic ticket information online. (However, if you have a specific concern about a traffic ticket you receive, you should call the municipal court in the district your ticket was issued.)

    Note that the website DOES NOT allow a search by license plate number. You will need a traffic ticket to complete your search.

    Your traffic ticket contains several pieces of important information that you'll need:

    • The court ID is located at the top left-hand side, and it may have a ticket prefix located next to it.
    • The ticket number is located at the top right-hand side.
    • The license plate number listed identifies the vehicle associated with the ticketed offense.

    Whether you choose to pay the ticket or go to court, you'll need this information.

    Parking Tickets on Transferred Plates

    If you receive a parking ticket for a license plate that is no longer yours, you should:

    • Get a photocopy of the original ticket (not the summons) from the municipality that issued it.
    • Write a letter explaining that the plates are no longer yours, and include your new plate number and your NJ driver's license number.
    • Send the letter, a copy of the ticket, and the summons to:
    • Motor Vehicle Commission
      Customer Advocacy Office
      P.O. Box 403
      Trenton, NJ 08666

    A file search of the plate number will be made, and a letter will be sent to you concerning the results of the search. This information may help you resolve the problem with the court.

    If you previously surrendered the old plates and kept the receipt, you should be able to produce a copy of that receipt.

    Also find information on our Pay Traffic Ticket in New Jersey page.