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  • Traffic Schools in New Jersey

    If you have received a traffic ticket in New Jersey, then a New Jersey State Approved Point Reduction Course is a great way to prevent points from appearing on your driving records. I Drive Safely is a good choice for New Jersey Point Reduction online.

    New Jersey gives you several options to improve or refresh your driving skills, reduce points on your driving record, or lower your auto insurance premiums through one of the many driving programs available.

    Note about Traffic Tickets

    The state doesn't allow traffic tickets to be dismissed because you attend defensive driving school or other driver education program.

    Defensive Driving Program

    The state offers a defensive driving program for drivers of all ages. This course, through state-approved traffic schools, teaches basic techniques to improve your driving skills. It may even reduce your auto insurance premiums. Check with your own insurance company though; some may offer discounts only for certain ages, or may not offer discounts based on your driving record.

    This program also allows you to have two points deducted from your driving record. You can take this course once every five years for points reduction.

    Senior Drivers

    For drivers 50 and older, the AARP offers a "55 Alive" driving course as a refresher. This Mature Driver's Program provides a minimum 5% discount on your auto insurance premiums, and is offered in many cities and towns state-wide. Check its website for a schedule and location near you.

    Required Programs

    When you're convicted of certain traffic violations within New Jersey, part of your sentencing includes a mandatory training offered by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

    Driving Under the Influence

    If you've been convicted of any alcohol- or drug-related violation, you will be required to attend an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) program at one of the numerous center locations state-wide. The program includes mandatory classes in Alcohol and Highway Safety Education, evaluation of your drug or alcohol problem and if needed, treatment for the problem. You can also supplement your treatment with self-help programs, if you wish.

    Successful completion of an IDRC program will help you get your license reinstated, but if you refuse to participate, you could face jail time and a longer suspension of your license. You'll pay a minimum of $350-$400 in fees for this course, and other costs may be involved.

    Driver Improvement Program

    You can take the Driver Improvement Program for a fee of $100, instead of the 30-day required suspension of your driver's license, when you've racked up 12-14 points on your driving record. When you pass this course, up to three points will be reduced from your record and your license will not be suspended. The state will mail you information if you're required to participate.

    Even if you're not required to participate, you can take it once every two years to subtract three points from your record.

    Probationary Driver School Program

    New drivers―those having their license two years or less―will be assigned to a Probationary Driver School if they are convicted of two or more violations that total more than four points in that two-year period. The cost of this program, for teens or adults, is $100, and information about it will be mailed to you if you're required to take the course.

    After you've passed the program, up to three points can be reduced from your record, but you still face a one-year probation period. If you have more violations during that year, your driving privileges will be suspended.

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