Replacing a Lost CDL in New Jersey

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commissions (MVC) requires you to apply for your replacement commercial driver's license in person; you cannot get a duplicate CDL while you're out of state.

The NJ MVC suggests reporting your lost CDL to local and state law enforcement. Remember, you cannot legally operate any commercial vehicle or truck without a valid, properly endorsed CDL on you.

Apply for NJ Duplicate CDL

Apply for your replacement commercial driver's license in person at your local NJ MVC office. Be prepared to:

  • Complete a Form BA-208.
    • You'll receive this form at the office.
  • Provide the state's 6 Points of ID.
    • The NJ MVC assigns point numbers to each type of identification and residency proof; you must hit the 6-point mark. Refer to the state's online document selector for assistance.
  • Pay the $11 fee.

NOTE: As a commercial driver, you MIGHT be required to provide CDL-specific documents such as your medical certification or waiver, or proofs of endorsement.

Out-of-State Replacement CDL

Typically, out-of-state commercial drivers cannot order replacement CDLs by mail; however, you can contact the MVC for further details specific to your situation.

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