Online Services in New Jersey

If a trip to the state motor vehicle office sounds about as much fun as rush hour traffic on the NJ Turnpike, check out our list of online services. You might be able to take care of driver- and vehicle-related tasks from your home computer.

Online Driver Services:

Typically, driver services are handled through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). We ( also connect you to third-party vendors offering time-saving services; these are often not affiliated with the government. If you don't see the online service you need in the various sections below, you might have to visit a nearby NJ MVC office. You can also peruse or the state site for specific details.

Most Common Driver Services (online and otherwise)

New Jersey Driver's License Testing and Educational Services

Reports and Records for Individuals

Other New Jersey Online Services

Online Vehicle Services:

Vehicle services are handled through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The following sections below list tasks you can take care of online. However, because options are limited, you still might need to visit a nearby NJ MVC office. To learn more on a given task, you can also refer to related pages on and your state site.

Most Common Vehicle Services

Consult our Registration & Titling section if you don't see the online service you need; Our vehicle-related pages cover a multitude of topics so you can spend less time standing in line at an agency branch office.

Vehicle Insurance Services

Compare vehicle insurance rates to find the coverage in New Jersey that suits your needs and budget. If you don't see the type of insurance you need below, consult our Insurance Center. Here you can also learn more on state insurance requirements specific to the &State_Nickname&.

Vehicle Buying and Selling Services

Those in the market to buy should check out our New Car Buyers Guide and Used Car Buyers Guide. Or if you're looking to privately sell your vehicle in New Jersey, we also have you covered.

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