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  • Motorcycle Manual in New Jersey

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    New Jersey residents who operate a motorcycle must have a NJ driver license or a motorcycle endorsement on their current basic or commercial driver license.

    The Motorcycle Manual will help you on the way to obtaining your motorcycle endorsement.

    Note that you can take a sample test when you feel that you are familiar with the manual's content.

    Because the manual is in PDF format, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access it.

    What You'll Find in the Manual

    In addition to the steps needed to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, the manual will also cover a wide range of safety and driving topics, including the following:

    Riding safely. You should always prepare for a motorcycle trip by wearing a securely fastened, approved helmet (required by law), eye and face protection, and protective clothing. Remember, too, that most accidents happen on short trips, soon after starting, and that even low-speed accidents can be fatal.

    Jackets and pants should cover your arms and legs completely and fit comfortably as well. Your boots and shoes should be high enough to cover your ankles and durable enough to provide support. Full-finger gloves, made of leather or heavy cloth, are also essential for safe driving.

    The SIPDE System. This method (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) will help you make correct judgments and take preventive action while you are on the road. Out in traffic, you should search aggressively for potential hazards and conflicts that may arise. (These can involve other vehicles, pedestrians and animals, and stationary objects as well.)

    Also, the greatest potential for encountering a problem is at an intersection, and you should be particularly alert there.

    Passengers. If you carry anyone on your motorcycle, that person must have the same type of protective gear that you are wearing. In this situation, your vehicle will respond more slowly than when you are riding alone, and it will take longer for you to speed up, slow down, or make a turn. Remember, too, that motorcyclists riding in groups do not have any special privileges since the highway is not intended to be a place for socializing.

    Alcohol. No driver is immune from its effects because alcohol makes an individual less able to think clearly and perform physical tasks well. It is especially harmful when driving a motorcycle.

    Drugs. Both medicinal and illegal drugs can affect the skills you need for riding your motorcycle safely. Be sure you know all the potential side effects of any drug you are taking before you go out on the road.

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