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    Pertinent manuals and fact sheets are available online from the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) in HTML and PDF formats. (You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access PDF files.)

    Some of the manuals and fact sheets you can download include:

    Boating Safety Manual. (PDF) This deals with safe boating, titles and documentation, registrations, operating requirements, violations, and penalties.

    Commercial Driver License Manual. (PDF) This covers everything you need to know to get your CDL.

    Driver Manual (PDF) Your guide to succeeding as a driver in New Jersey.
    Driver Safety. (PDF) Twenty-one pages intended to "help all motorists travel New Jersey's roadways in a safe and courteous manner."
    International Fuel Tax Agreement Manual. (PDF) Discusses key terms, registration, agreements and tax responsibilities, license, record-keeping, audit, appeal, and power of attorney.
    International Registration Plan (IRP). (PDF) Explains the IRP, when to apportion your vehicle, types of operations, NJ requirements, applications and forms, news registrations, renewals, supplemental applications, fees, billing notice, refunds, temporary registrations, and mileage operational records.
    Moped Manual (PDF) Getting your moped license, other requirements, moped laws, voiding points and penalties, controlling your moped, avoiding accidents, choosing the proper clothing, starting and driving your moped, bike routes, driving at night, weather as a factor, additional hazards, sample test questions, and driving test runs.
    Motorcycle Manual (PDF) Discusses getting a motorcycle license, practice driving, preparing to ride, control for safety, how to "see, be seen, and heard," the SIPDE System, checking blind spots, keeping your distance, handling dangerous surfaces, caution at night, carrying passengers and cargo, group riding, riding "sober and awake," and checking your motorcycle.
    New Hazmat Endorsement Brochure. (PDF) Explains how the state carries out the federal requirements for commercial drivers who carry hazardous waste materials.
    Six Point Identification Brochure. (PDF) Highlights the security program affecting those who apply for a state driver license, permit, non-driver ID card, or boat license.
    Snowmobile Manual (PDF) Explains snowmobile use, safety and courtesy, preparing to ride, proper clothing, riding tips and techniques, and knowing where you are going.
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