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  • Custom Built Car Registration in New Jersey

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    NJ Custom Built Car Registration

    Custom-built vehicles have a unique titling and registration process. If they didn't come from a major automaker, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will want to make sure the car is both safely built and made out of parts that were not stolen.

    There are several types of vehicles that fall under this category. Reconstructed vehicles such as dune buggies and kit cars are included, as might be salvaged vehicles. If you built or modified a vehicle to such an extent that it needs to be reregistered, you'll be asked to provide bills of sale for every major component that you used―so keep diligent records.

    Once these vehicles are titled (or before they are titled), they might need to undergo a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection. If the vehicle doesn't have a VIN, the MVC can issue you one.

    Custom-built vehicles might also be subject to a safety and emissions inspection as part of the registration process.

    To find out how to title and register your custom-built vehicle, the MVC asks that you contact the MVC Central Office.