Commercial Driver Education in New Jersey

Passing CDL Tests

Today, every state must test commercial driver's license (CDL) applicants according to federal standards, ensuring that drivers can operate the trucks or buses they intend to drive safely and professionally.

The federal government requires that you pass the Motor Vehicle Commission's (MVC) CDL knowledge and road tests before being issued any kind of commercial license. While you might stand a chance of passing the written knowledge test by studying the state's commercial driver's manual, you won't be able to pass the road test without having professional training.

Private Schools

While some motor carriers train their employees, other CDL applicants can take courses at private driving schools, vocational or technical schools, and community colleges. Classroom instruction will be complemented by plenty of on-road driving practice with an instructor. The best courses run hundreds of hours and will thoroughly educate you about how to be a professional commercial driver.

Along with being taught how to actually drive a commercial truck, you can also expect to be trained on topics ranging from driver wellness and qualifications to hours of service and protection for whistle-blowers. In addition, you will get a lot of practice driving under different weather conditions and on various road surfaces, including turning, parking, backing up, and braking.

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