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  • Paperwork When Selling a Car in New Jersey

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    Selling a Vehicle

    Unless you're transferring your license plates to another vehicle, you'll need to remove them from the vehicle after the sale.

    You'll also need to sign the back of the existing title, and include the sale price and odometer reading. The signed-off title goes to the buyer.

    As an added protection for you as the seller, you may want to also fill out a Bill of Sale. This will serve as your proof of sale, since the new owner will take the title with him or her.

    Selling a Vehicle Without a Registration

    A current registration isn't needed to sell a car. The buyer must register the car.

    Selling a Vehicle Without a Title

    You're not allowed to sell a vehicle without a title. If it's misplaced, get a duplicate.

    Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

    You must surrender your license plates. You can do this in person at any MVC Agency or Regional Service Center. Or, if you prefer, mail the plates to:

    Motor Vehicle Commission

    Customer Advocacy Agency

    P.O. Box 403

    Trenton, NJ 08666

    Upon surrendering, you'll receive a receipt. Be sure to file in a safe place.

    Bill of Sale

    Though not mandatory, it's always smart to have a bill of sale for your records. If needed, you can easily download a copy from our Bill of Sale page.

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