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    Mopeds and scooters, the well-behaved stepchildren of motorcycles, will never be associated with words such as reckless, breakneck, or devil-may-care, but New Hampshire's New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) still requires these motorized bikes to be registered.

    Is It a Scooter, Moped, or Motorcycle?

    Before huffing into a registration office with pen and checkbook in hand you first need to determine if your bike classifies as a moped or scooter and not a motorcycle.

    According to the DMV a moped or scooter must meet the following restrictions:

    • It must have an engine of 50 cubic centimeters or less.
    • It cannot exceed 30 mph on level terrain.
    • It cannot shift.
    • It cannot exceed 2 horsepower.

    If it classifies as a moped or scooter you need to register it at a registration office. Otherwise, if it's a motorcycle, you must register it with your city or town clerk.

    Registering Mopeds and Scooters

    When registering bring a bill of sale and the bike's old registration form (if it's used), or the manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) (if it's new).


    It costs $3 to register a moped.

    Compare Motorcycle Insurance Rates in 3 Steps

    1. Enter Your Zip:

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