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  • Special Vehicles in New Hampshire

    SUMMARY: How to Register Other Vehicle Types in New Hampshire

    Special vehicle types in New Hampshire have their own requirements and regulations for registration with the state. This includes ATVscustom-built carssnowmobilestrailersRVs, and more. Be prepared to have your vehicle's title, payment for extra fees if your vehicle is heavier than a standard car, and inspection certificates if required.

    If you plan on venturing through New Hampshire's hardwood forests via a snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), an RV, or a moped, you will need to comply with the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles' (DMV) or other state agency's vehicle registration policies and procedures.

    Snowmobile Registration

    The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department oversees snowmobile registration. You can register your machine at any Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) agency throughout the state, which includes sporting goods stores, country and general stores, and snowmobile sales and repair centers.


    To register your snowmobile, it cannot be more than 54 inches wide and weigh more than 1200 pounds. An OHRV that has had its wheels removed and replaced with tracks, skis, or cleats must be registered as a snowmobile. See OHRV registration information for more details.

    Underage Operators

    • You cannot operate a snowmobile if your driver's license is currently suspended or revoked.
    • Any operator at least 12 years old must provide proof of having completed an OHRV Safety Education Course.
    • Operators younger than 14 years old must be accompanied by a licensed adult older than 18 years old.
    • Helmets and eye protection are required for all operators under 18 years old.

    All-Terrain Vehicle Registration

    To register your ATV visit any OHRV agency. Before you'll be issued a registration you will need to meet the several requirements and pay registration fees. Details are available from the Fish and Game Department website.

    Trailer Registration and Titling

    All trailers 15 years old or newer must be registered. If your trailer weighs 3,001 lbs. or more, it must also be titled.

    To do so, you must visit your local town clerk's office, making sure to bring proper identification. Each town charges its own registration fee so you might want to call ahead to get a heads-up on what to pay.

    When it comes to titling and registration, you must pay a $25 title fee and a weight fee:

    • 3,001 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.: $24.
    • 5,001 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.: $36.

    If your trailer is homemade and weighs 3,001 lbs. or more, you will also need to complete a Reconstructed Vehicle/Homemade Trailer (Form TDMV 112) statement.

    Motorhomes and RVs

    Be sure to register your recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome before you take it on a trip. You will need to follow the same steps as listed on our Register a Car in New Hampshire page.

    Please note, your registration fees may vary depending on the type of motorhome you have.

    Custom-Built Cars

    Registering a custom-built car in New Hampshire is much the same as registering a regular vehicle. Follow the instructions included on our New Hampshire Car Registration page.

    If your vehicle doesn't have a certificate of title or vehicle identification number (VIN), you will need to have your vehicle inspected and obtain a Verification of Vehicle Identification (Form TDMV 19A). Take this form with you when you register your car.

    NOTE: Remember to keep all receipts and bills of sale for all car parts you used. You may need to provide these to the NH DMV.

    Moped Registration in NH

    Mopeds must be registered in New Hampshire, but unlike most other vehicles, they are registered at the state level rather than the town or county level. The state moped registration fee is $3.

    You may be able to register your moped with your town or county clerk if they are a state agent. Some towns also offer online registration options. Check with your local clerk's office for more information.

    For more information about registering your moped, visit our Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in New Hampshire page.

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