Motorcycle Registration in New Hampshire

Motorcycles and mopeds need to be registered, just like other vehicles, before they can be driven on the road. Segways, bicycles, and scooters don't have to be registered.

Because many motorcycle drivers put their wheels up for the winter, it is common for the registration to lapse. When good weather resumes, be sure to register and inspect your motorcycle before taking it out on the scenic New Hampshire roads.

Plates and Registration

If you want to register a motorcycle you just bought, bring the proper documents to your town clerk:

  • Title application―blue town clerk copy
  • Bill of Sale
  • Title assigned to you as buyer

The town clerk will calculate town and state fees; you can usually pay the fees directly to the town clerk. Most municipalities in New Hampshire can give you motorcycle plates.

If the town clerk doesn't have motorcycle plates you will have to take your registration to a DMV substation. Like most visits to the DMV, be prepared to prove your identity.

If you plant to apply for a special vanity plate, try the Plate Check before you register your motorcycle.

Registering a motorcycle when you have recently moved to New Hampshire from another state is easy. The town clerk will use your out-of-state registration to issue the New Hampshire registration.


All motorcycles must be inspected within 10 days after a new registration is issued. Make an appointment at an official inspection station―a state inspection sign will prove it is official―and bring the new registration with decals.

The inspection is to make sure your motorcycle is safe and roadworthy. You can expect them to look carefully at your tires and brakes. The electrical system and exhaust are also inspected and the noise coming out of your tail pipe is measured.

Just like a vehicle inspection, all repair items are noted and some must be fixed before your motorcycle passes inspection. Once you do pass, the official inspection station will put a one-year inspection sticker on your motorcycle. Prices for this inspection will vary.


The town clerk will mail you a renewal notice on the anniversary of your registration. It is possible for your renewal to be in a different month than your birth month.

If you don't get a renewal notice you must still remember to register and inspect your motorcycle. There are fines and demerit points assessed for driving a motorcycle without a valid registration and current inspection.

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