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    The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) publishes manuals and other publications that are important documents containing all kinds of information about driver's licensing, safety, traffic rules, and testing.

    Conveniently, many of these manuals and publications are available online using the free Adobe Reader.

    Driver's Manual

    The Driver's Manual represents years of repeated work and effort to make the document comprehensive, accurate, and informative. Before you download it, you may want to check out's thorough look at the manual.

    The manual covers everything from safety and traffic rules to motor vehicle registration and the driver's exam.

    The manual's format is easy to follow and the language is straightforward. The overriding message? The importance of safety and respect. The New Hampshire DMV wants us all to respect the law and each other when traveling on the roads and highways of our state. Regarding safety, the main point is that alert drivers are safer because they can drive defensively and react to dangerous encounters.

    If you are applying for a drivers license, a dealership, or looking for an inspection station, you will benefit from reviewing the Driver's Manual. If you are an experienced driver you may have developed some bad driving habits that can be re-trained after you re-read the manual.

    If you were to read only one document put out by the DMV, consider the Driver's Manual because it contains so much information about licensing and registration.

    Commercial Driver's Manual

    If you've every wondered how professional truck drivers know so much about driving, road safety, and traffic rules then you should take a look at the Commercial Drivers Manual.

    The manual is an impressive document that includes both state and federal requirements as well as general and specific information about commercial equipment, traffic rules, vehicle classes, cargo, hazardous materials, and testing.

    Similar to the Driver's Manual, the main message in the Commercial Driver's Manual is safety. There is much more technical information, however, because the equipment is more complicated and specialized. Also, the danger and risks can be great when a commercial vehicle is involved.

    There is no minimal training requirement for commercial drivers in New Hampshire―the manual is the basis for any training program you might consider, formal or informal. As an experienced driver, reviewing the manual is a good idea to keep your skills fresh.

    Motorcycle Manual

    The DMV doesn't publish a motorcycle manual, but there is some information on training and licensing available at any DMV substation or local town clerk office, just ask for the Motorcycle Rider Training Schedule, or obtain the updated version online.

    A review of our Motorcycle Licensing and Motorcycle Registration sections will also help you get information that you might normally find in a manual.


    Manuals can't include all of the information you need when dealing with the DMV. Like any reference, manuals are a great way to get a basic understanding of what the DMV expects and what procedures you need to be aware of. Follow up questions can be asked at any DMV substation, town clerk office, or DMV Headquarters.

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