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  • Identification Cards in New Hampshire

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    Who Needs ID?

    Applying for an ID card is similar to getting a New Hampshire driver's license but much easier. In fact, the application is the very same one used when applying for a new license, renewal, and a duplicate license.

    If you don't have a driver's license or if yours has been suspended, or revoked, you may want a non-driver ID card when applying for a job, opening a bank account, using the library, buying alcohol, or boarding an airplane. If you don't have a driver's license, getting a non-driver ID card is a smart and easy thing to do.


    To qualify for a New Hampshire non-driver ID card, you must be at least 12 years old and you must reside in New Hampshire; you must also not currently hold a driver's license (you can only have a license AND non-driver ID if you are over 65 years old).

    You'll need to provide 2 forms of identification from the list of accepted documents, as well proof of residency.

    Application Process

    The Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (Form DSMV450) can be obtained online using the free Adobe Reader. Fill out the form, check the box for non-driver ID card, and pay the $10 fee. The licensing officer at the DMV office or substation will ask to see your proof of identity and residency.

    Also parts of the application are choices on which information is printed on your card. For example, you can choose to have your street address on your ID card. Organ donation is offered on the application and your choice will be printed on your non-driver ID card.

    Once you've completed the application process, the licensing desk will take your picture and along with your photo, the card will list your name, address, and birth date.


    Non-citizens need to apply for their non-driver ID card in Concord at the DMV Headquarters:

    • Department of Safety
    • 23 Hazen Drive
    • Concord, NH 03305

    Renewing Your New Hampshire ID Card

    A non-driver identification card expires on your birthday, 5 years from the issue date. You can renew your ID card at any DMV Office or substation. There will be a $10 fee. If your lD has been expired more than 1 year, you must show your identification and proof of residency again.

    If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must renew in person at the Concord office (see above).

    If you change your name or address, you must notify the DMV so they can update their system. Changing your name or address is done using the Record Change Form. Refer to our special Changing Your Address section for complete information.

    Replacing Your New Hampshire ID Card

    To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID card, fill out the Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card (Form DSMV450) and take it to any DMV office.

    You'll need to bring proof of identity, and pay a $10 fee.

    If you're temporarily out of state, you can apply for your duplicate identification card by mail. You'll need to:

    Advantages of a Non-driver ID Card

    You will find that having a non-driver New Hampshire ID card is very convenient when you don't have a driver's license. There are many reasons to have a photo identification card; for example, banking and working.

    In New Hampshire, applying for a non-driver ID card is easy and inexpensive. Once you have the non-driver ID card in your wallet or purse you will quickly grow accustomed to using it when proving your identity and age