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  • Driving Records in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire Driving Records

    Your New Hampshire driving record, or motor vehicle record (MVR), is an important document that contains information about your driving history.

    If you need to order your driving record in NH, you can do so through the New Hampshire Bureau of Financial Responsibility Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    There are many reasons you may need a copy of your NH driving record, including:

    • Work, legal, or potential employment purposes.
    • To prevent identity theft.
    • To check that it’s accurate.
    • For insurance purposes.

    About Your New Hampshire Driving Record

    Your NH driving record will contain the following information about your driving history in the state:

    • Demerit points.
    • Court convictions.
    • Traffic citations/convictions.
    • Driver’s license suspensions or revocations.
    • Date of your driver’s license restoration.
    • Your involvement in accidents.
    • Insurance requirements.
    • Ignition interlock requirements.

    Your NH driving record will also contain the following personal information:

    • Full name and/or previous names.
    • Date of birth.
    • Address (the most current on file with the NH DMV).
    • New Hampshire identification number.
    • An insurance filing/SR-22 requirement.
    • Completion date of a safe driver course and/or driver attitude program, if applicable.

    Any points you accumulate from any traffic violations/convictions will stay on your New Hampshire MVR for 3 years.

    Employer, Insurance, and Attorney Requests

    Driving Records for Employment

    Businesses can order New Hampshire driving records as part of their employment screening practices from These driving records provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a person's driving history.

    Order Now »

    Although you can order a driving record directly from the New Hampshire DMV, one of the fastest ways to get your Driving Record for Employment Purposes is to order it online through a 3rd-party advertiser, such as They also offer other services such as criminal records, SSN verifications, and other employment screening services.

    Other people may request to see your New Hampshire driving record for various reasons, including:

    • A government agency.
    • Insurance companies, determining your insurance premium.
    • Law enforcement.
    • Potential employers conducting a pre-employment screening/background check.
    • Attorneys working on a court case.

    In New Hampshire, another person cannot access your MVR without your consent. You will need to sign their request form to grant them access.

    Types of NH Driving Records

    There are 3 types of driving records offered by the NH DMV:

    • Insurance driver record.
    • Certified driver record.
    • Non-certified driver record.

    NOTE: If you are uncertain of the type of driver record you need, please ask the person who is requesting it from you before you order it.

    Insurance Driver Record

    Your NH insurance driver record contains information about your traffic violations and accidents only. The report will include information from the past:

    • 5 years for court convictions.
    • 3 years for accidents.

    Certified Driver Record

    Your certified MVR in New Hampshire contains detailed information about any driver’s license suspensions, revocations, restorations, convictions, and accidents you have had.

    It will include information from the past:

    • 7 years for court related convictions.
    • 10 years for driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction.
    • 5 years for accident involvements.

    NOTE: These periods are extended for commercial drivers.

    Certified NH driving records are stamped with the Director’s signature, a raised seal, and “Certified – True & Correct.

    Non-Certified Driver Record

    Your non-certified driving record contains the same information that’s on a certified driving record, but it does not feature the “Certified – True & Correct” seal. This means the DMV does not accept responsibility for any errors that may be present.

    Order a New Hampshire Driving Record

    You can order a New Hampshire MVR either by mail or in person. You cannot order one online.

    You will need:

    • A completed Release of Motor Vehicle Records form (DSMV 505).
    • Payment for the $15 fee.
      • If you are mailing in your request, payment must be made by check or money order made payable to “State of NH-DMV.

    Take the above to your local New Hampshire DMV office, or mail it to:

    NH Department of Safety
    DMV - FR Driving Records
    23 Hazen Drive
    Concord, NH 03305

    Correct Your Driving Record Information

    If you find an error on your New Hampshire MVR, contact the NH DMV at (603) 227-4040 to have it corrected.

    It is important to ensure your driving record is correct as inaccurate information could lead to increased insurance premiums, fines, and even a driver’s license suspension.

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