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    Driver training is important for first-time drivers because driving is like any new skill; it requires learning and practice to become good. Experienced drivers can also benefit from driver improvement programs and can even use the improvement program to remove 3 demerit points (see DMV Point System for more details) from their driver licenses.

    Commercial drivers need to consider specific training different than training to drive a car. Yet even commercial drivers start out as operators of regular vehicles. Let's take a look at driver training for operators.

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    Forms of Driver Training

    Driver training can be formal or informal. If you are under 18 years old, you are required to take a formal and approved driver education program. If you are not required to take a driver education program but still need some driver training you can consider professional or self-study.

    Professional driver training is offered by most of the same instructors who offer the driver education programs. If signing up for a classroom program does not meet your schedule or needs, consider taking private lessons. Customized lessons with hands-on practice can be very effective training.

    Independent or self-study is another option. This form of driver training can be done at your own pace in a comfortable environment. Pacing yourself is nice because you can spend extra time on those sections that are tough for you and less time on what is already familiar.

    A disadvantage of self-study is the problem of self motivation; if you are easily distracted or tend to procrastinate you might need the motivation of a more formal and prodding training program.

    Topics for Driver Training

    In New Hampshire, the Department of Safety and the Department of Motor Vehicles are very focused on safety. In fact, the majority of the Driver's Manual is dedicated to topics on safe driving. Any driver training program, formal or informal, should focus on safety, too.

    Expect to also cover these topics in your driver training program:

    • Sharing the road.
    • Speed.
    • Braking and stopping.
    • Hazardous driving conditions (common to New Hampshire).
    • Equipment and pre-trip inspections.
    • Driving habits and driving attitude.
    • Confidence.
    • Defensive driving.

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